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    Let's Go Mountaineers!!!
    xmetalfan99 is on a distinguished road
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    Apr 2011
    Morgantown, WV
    How much for that crazy scoly on the bottom left of the photo?

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    unregistered dallas reefer is on a distinguished road
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    Jun 2011
    I can if you'd like.

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    Registered Member
    Me z is on a distinguished road
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    Jul 2011
    idaho falls, Idaho
    I have a big rbta and a pair of clowns I wouldnt mind trading for scolys. http://i1208.photobucket.com/albums/...eather/001.jpg I can get another more recent pic with the clowns hosting in this guy. thats the corner of a 125g to give you the idea of size and he's under 400w halides would probably expand much bigger under t5's or 250w halides. Let me know what you would give me for them. If you need more pics just pm me an email address to send them to.

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    Registered Member

    Bandomo is on a distinguished road
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    Oct 2009
    Hey Rev, I'll be interested in the Sunny D's if you decide to sell. LMK price via PM. Cheers.



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