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    Tips for Getting the Most From the Reef2Reef Forum

    An article for beginners to the Reef2Reef discussion forum and how to make the most of your stay here.
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    Breeding the Banggai Cardinalfish

    An interview with @AlmondKC from our forum who is successfully breeding Banggai cardinals as a new breeder.
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    Building Your Own Algal Turf Scrubber (ATS)

    Instructions on how to build your own Algal Turf Scrubber or ATS.
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    Tunze Calcium Kit with Osmolator GIVEAWAY! This one is easy!

    Tunze Osmolator and Calcium Dispenser R2R Giveaway! Sponsored by =-infoxunter036'] and
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    January 2019 Reef of the Month: Michael J. Cuttone

    Welcome to the January 2019 Reef of the Month.
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    Estimating Light Intensity at Various Depths in an Aquarium

    A new article by Dana Riddle on Estimating Light Intensity at Various Depths in an Aquarium.
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    Beginner Series #1: What Is Your Actual Water Volume?

    This is the first part of our new Beginner Series on the How, What, and Why of Reef Aquariums. #1 is "What Is Your Actual Water Volume?"
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    The Other Way to Run a Reef Tank (no Quarantine)

    The other way to run a reef tank (No Quarantine) I was asked by my friend Humblefish to start a thread on my practices of running a tank with no quarantine, hospital tanks, medications, dipping or almost anything else. It is "not" just to take a fish from a store and drop it in your reef because that fish will probably die. You may not see many spots on fish in a store because just about all stores use medications in their tanks to suppress the parasites. They have to because they get new...
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    Water Change FAQ

    A water change FAQ for beginners new to saltwater aquariums.
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    Profile of a Marine Biologist: Dr. David Obura from Kenya

    Here is a short profile of a Kenyan marine biologist, Dr. David Obura.
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    Genicanthus Angels: The True Reef-Safe Angels, Part 3

    Here is Part 3, and the conclusion of Fadi Abu Tahoun's series on the Genicanthus angels.
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    Why a fallow period will sometimes fail

    Marine ich, Cryptocaryon irritans, can be hard to get rid of. Here's what to do if your fallow period fails.
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    (Almost) Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Glass But Were Afraid to Ask

    A discussion of many aspects of glass, in general, from ancient times to the present, including a section on aquarium glass.
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    Size and Shape of Your Aquarium: Things to Consider

    For beginners who haven't bought an aquarium yet, here are some things to think about regarding the shape and size of your tank.
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    Hey, everybody!! CHECK THIS OUT!!! It's the AquaSD ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!!! And what we all want for Christmas is MORE CORALS...which probably shouldn't be left under the tree for me to find on Christmas morning... Well, that's ok because @AquaSD is giving away FIVE (5) $100 gift cards!!
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    Acro Al and Tridacna Clams or A Clam Is a Clam Is a Clam

    Read about Acro Al, who is breeding Tridacna clams at home, in Australia.
  17. Genicanthus Angels: The True Reef-Safe Angels, Part 2

    Part 2 of Genicanthus Angels: The True Reef-Safe Angels.
  18. Venustus Angelfish (Paracentropyge venusta)| Fish Spotlight

    The Venustus Angelfish or Purple Masked Angelfish, or Paracentropyge venusta, is one of the rare fish species, but it is becoming more available recently in the aquarium fish industry. It is expert only fish, reef safe with caution. In my tank, it rarely nip on Acropora corals. But leave other corals and clams alone.
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    5 WINNERS!! Make Testing Easy in 2019! A New GIVEAWAY from Marine Depot and Hanna Instruments!

    Marine Depot is excited to announce we've teamed with Hanna Instruments and Reef2Reef once again to MAKE TESTING EASY IN 2019! 5 winners will be randomly selected on January 25, 2019 to receive: A Hanna Instruments Marine Salinity and Temperature Tester AND The NEW Hanna Instruments Marine Phosphate Ultra Low Range Colorimeter Checker
  20. Reef2Reef FAQ #2 Freshwater Versus Saltwater

    If you're a freshwater aquarist considering moving to the salty side, this FAQ is for you.
  21. 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, Reef Style

    Reef2Reef's version of the famous Christmas poem, "A Visit from St. Nicholas." Merry Christmas
  22. Reef2Reef's First Ever Crossword: Reef Magic

    Ready for some holiday fun? Here's R2R's first ever reef crossword puzzle.
  23. Genicanthus Angels: The True Reef-Safe Angels, Part 1

    In the first of a three-part series, Fadi Abu Tahoun discusses Genicanthus angelfish and their requirements in the reef aquarium.
  24. World Wide Corals is Expanding The Business and Moving to Two New Locations

    News Release about the expansion of World Wide Corals and the move to a new location.
  25. A Day in the Life of a Beachcomber

    Read about beachcombing on the west coast of Florida beside the Gulf of Mexico.
  26. How to Build a Carlson Surge Bucket, Part 2

    Here is Part 2 and the conclusion of how to build your Carlson Surge Bucket.
  27. Cartoon Caption Contest #2

    Cartoon Caption Contest #2. We give you the cartoon, and you give us the caption for it. Happy Holidays to everyone from Reef2Reef. Three winners and three fantastic prizes.
  28. How to Build a Carlson Surge Bucket, Part 1

    Learn how to build your own Carlson Surge Device for your home saltwater aquarium.
  29. Acronyms, Abbreviations, Vocabulary, and Slang for the Reef Aquarist, Revised December 2018

    This is an effort to create one master list of acronyms and vocabulary for the reef aquarists from several previous lists published in different places.
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    A Close Look at Reef Frenzy Foods

    Take a peek inside the manufacturing of Reef Frenzy foods with the owner, Larry DuPont.
  31. Sponsor Profile: World Wide Corals or 40,000 Frags Under the Sea

    Here is a short profile of World Wide Corals, one of the Reef2Reef sponsors. [URL][/URL]
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    --> The Triquatics Flow Crazy Nero 5 Giveaway!! <--

    Attention, Reef2Reefers! @Triquatics is teaming up with R2R to bring you the Flow Crazy Nero 5 Giveaway!! One lucky reefer is going to win a brand new AI Nero 5 Pump!
  33. Insurance Implications for Aquarists

    A short article about the insurance implications of owning a fish tank, large or small.
  34. Feeding Your Fish: How to Create Your Own DIY Mollusk Buffet

    Here's a terrific article from one of our forum members, redfishbluefish, on preparing at home a mollusk recipe for fish food.
  35. Profile of a Reef Aquarist (#2)

    In this profile, we talk to R.L, an aquarist with 15 years of experience. Read about his background, his interests and his husbandry practices.
  36. Cycling a Brand New Reef Aquarium

    Every brand new aquarium goes through a cycle complete with separate and specific stages. In this article, David Hammontree explains to you how it works.
  37. Reef Aquarium Rock Explained, Part 2

    A guide to understanding what kinds of rock you can put in your saltwater aquarium. Part 2 is devoted to dead (dry) rock.
  38. 10 Saltwater Fish to Avoid for a Beginner Reef Aquarist

    We gently offer some advice on which fish to avoid if you're stocking your first tank for the first time.
  39. Reef Aquarium Rock Explained, Part 1

    Part 1 of a discussion on reef aquarium rock for the beginner. This part covers live rock basics.
  40. Reef2Reef FAQ #1: Substrates

    A beginner FAQ on substrates complete with the most common questions that we get in the forum.