1. Species Spotlight: Pseudocheilinops ataenia – The Pink-Streaked Wrasse

    Pseudocheilinops ataenia, better known to most hobbyists as the Pink-Streaked Wrasse, is a very suitable wrasse for nano aquariums and gets along with most fish, as long as they are not too aggressive themselves. Feel free to add your own experiences with this inquisitive little fish in the discussion after you are done reading the species spotlight!
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    Mariculture vs Aquaculture Frags: How to Have Success with Maris!

    While I always think its better to buy aquaculture frags from established tanks as the colors are already mature and you know what you're going to get, getting some mariculture colonies is a nice way to jump start your tank and have it look mature quicker.
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    R2R Reef of the Month: Steve's 410-gallon SPS Reef - May 2018

    My current system is a 410-gallon reef tank featuring mostly SPS corals. I designed the tank room when we built our current home. I wanted the tank to be the main feature when you walked in our front door so the side of the tank can be seen as soon as you enter the house. The tank is three feet wide by eight feet long. It’s always fun to see people’s reactions when they walk in. I have had several delivery guys ask if they could come in and check out the tank.
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    Thinking about Reefapalooza and Orlando

    While sitting here in the gray of Pittsburgh, it has rained or snowed almost every day this Spring, I started thinking about my trip to Reefaplaooza in March and went back and looked at my notes. Yes, I take notes when I go to a show to remind me of what I saw that I found interesting as well as what products or corals I wanted to follow up on, i.e, buy, and the people I talked with. Probably a sign I am getting older, but I prefer to think I am getting wiser as at shows like Reefapalooza...
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    Copper Testing Simplified! Using Hanna Instruments High Range Copper Checker HI702

    Have Trouble reading visual tests when using copper to treat fish for parasites? Problem Solved! I first want to start off saying, I have been in the hobby a little under a year. I have done about everything you can do wrong and had many expensive lessons. That is what brings me to this article and the discovery of the Hanna Instruments High Range Copper Checker. Even though at the time Hanna Instruments could not validate the accuracy of the High Range Copper Checker HI702 in the presence...
  6. Reefing Topics and YOU! Participate and get entered to win $100 cash!

    We're trying to figure out how to "procure" the best reefing topics and engage our members, social media fans, email subscribers etc. and was wondering if we might get some help from you by answering a few of these questions for us?
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    Welcome REEF2REEFers to the OVERHAUL MY OVERFLOW & SUMP GIVEAWAY!! This giveaway is sponsored by Exotic Marine Systems! This giveaway is all about giving one LUCKY WINNER a super STYLIN' overflow and sump system!
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    Why a “Poking Stick” is an Essential Piece of the Reefkeeper’s Toolbox.

    Based on the title alone, you are probably thinking to yourself that this article is a piece of satire or a big joke. Well that couldn’t be further from the truth. Although it may seem rather simple and not at all as complex or intricate as other reef keeping equipment, the Poking Stick in itself is worth its weight in gold in my aquarium experience.
  9. Not a Forum but a Family! #ReefFamily Giveaway

    Good day Reef Family! I am looking to promote R2R in a little different way and I was hoping for your help! If you wouldn't mind I would love to have you take a photo of yourself or your family with your reef tank! I would also like you to hold up a piece of paper or something that reads #Reef2Reef and#ReefFamily within the photo.
  10. Reefapalooza Orlando 2018 Complete Walk Through

    Dedicated to those who would love to attend a major saltwater aquarium trade show but can't. Join us for a complete walk-through of the ReefAPalooza Orlando show room floor brought to you by!
  11. Anemones and why you should wait.

    Anemones and Why You Should Wait When is the proper time to add an anemone to your tank? Right away? 1 month? 4 months? WHAT!? A YEAR YOU SAY!? That is correct. In most instances it is better to wait 8 months to a year before adding an anemone to your tank. And here is why: A tank is first started with rock, sand, and saltwater. That tank needs to cycle before adding any livestock to it. This we all know. But what you may not know is even after your cycle has completed your tank is going...
  12. !!!WILD FIRE...and the INEVITABLE AFTER BURN....

    It’s a pretty easy thing to do. Pick up some good looking maricultures, these days the line between consumer, retailer and wholesale's a little fuzzy anyway, so just about anyone can get their hands on a box of Indo's, or maybe a few wild Aussies. Cut them up into nice extra chunky frags, mount them on plugs and sell away. In fact it’s probably the easiest way to make actual money in this business by a giant margin. And with color hungry hobbyist, hemorrhaging at will, their hard earned...
  13. Tips for Identifying Unknown Critters

    We all get them occasionally, those little unidentified critters that magically appear in our tank even after we’ve been so careful to source good quality, clean live rock (sometimes even starting with dry rock) and dipping our corals on top of carefully inspecting everything going into our tanks. But even so, they always appear at the most inconvenient time when we can barely catch a glimpse of them before they disappear into a crevice or hole. This article goes over several methods that...
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    The World Wide Corals $1000 Gift Card Giveaway! Enter today for your chance to WIN!

    We're excited to announce that World Wide Corals is sponsoring a fun contest where 5 winners will win a $200 Gift Card to use at World Wide Corals! WWC is one of the premier places for coral and fish and have one of the best saltwater reef stores in the world! WWC is top notch in stock and customer service!
  15. R2R's Next BIG Author Contest!! May the best article win!!

    CALLING ALL WRITERS and ASPIRING WRITERS!! REEF2REEF is offering YOU a chance to win CASH for CREATIVE CONTENT! Welcome to R2R's Next BIG Author Contest! May the best article win!! There's no limit to number of submissions allowed, but the following criteria do apply to all submissions...
  16. Flying with Coral - TSA Experience

    So you are in the security line at the airport with well over 4oz of water and some coral in your carry-on luggage.. You inform the first TSA agent you encounter and get raised eyebrows.
  17. Introducing Aquachella!! An Aquarium Festival Like None You've Ever Seen!

    What if I told you that some of the best YouTubers and industry giants from around the country were joining forces to bring you an aquatic festival experience unlike any other!? This August in Chicago, join CoralFish12G, YouTubers from around the world, Reef2Reef, and some of the most well-known names in both saltwater AND freshwater aquatics for 2 days of full-throttle fun and excitement. This will be an experience of aquatic overload that’s sure to blow your mind and be fun for the whole...
  18. Jamie Craggs’ Game Changing Work at the Horniman Museum

    Over the years I have witnessed a lot of breakthroughs in the hobby. In terms of propagating corals we have gone from barely being able to keep most corals alive to the point where we can now propagate most corals through some form of fragmentation. Some of these advancements we have achieved have allowed for some damaged reefs to be repopulated by corals that have been “grown out” away from the ocean. In this regard, we should take pride in what we have been able to accomplish and how if...
  19. OR Bar LED Light

    This versatile high performance LED bar lights will blow your mind! Not only that, our OR LED bar lights are ideal for the harsh saltwater environments: Splash, water, and dust resistant/tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP67
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    The Crystal Reef Aquatics Stealth Series-Triton Reef Sump Giveaway!

    The Stealth Series, Triton Reef Sump TRS36 has a 36 x 15 x 16 (35 gallon) configuration and comes complete with all the accessories show below at no extra charge to our customers. These include 5 John Guest fittings and clear solid acrylic tubing for Triton Dosing, John Guest fitting and tube for ATO input, Probe Holder, All bulkhead and piping, Dual heater holders, Adjustable Overflow Control baffle, Algae Guard, Adjustable Skimmer/Refugium Baffle, Adjustable Skimmer Baffle, Media rack...
  21. DIY Universal Battery Backup For Your Reef

    A few days ago (3/2/2018) I lost power in the recent Nor'easter. I had a battery backup system in place, and thankfully it functioned fairly well. However, I had upgraded my aquarium since I had originally planned out the battery backup and the system did not last nearly as long as I wanted it to. The battery took frequent recharges from my car to keep going. I've since re-evaluated my system and in the process, decided to write a post about general-purpose battery backup designed for reefs....
  22. Reef Spotlight - April 2013 - "PmRg"

    REEF SPOTLIGHT - April 2013 The Reef Aquarium of: Pedro Gomes A.K.A. "PmRg" You can also check out Pedro’s tank build here on R2R: [URL][/URL] Introduction I would like to start by thanking Reef2Reef for picking my tank for this spotlight. I’m very glad that Reef2Reef is the first forum featuring my “Island Reef” in the United States. My name is Pedro and I’m a 25 year old international student, currently studying at Kingston...
  23. March 2014 R2R Spotlight: Chrissy

    March 2014 R2R Spotlight: Chrissy [URL][/URL] Introduction Hello, I'm Chrissy Gilbert from Franklin, MA, and this is my Red Sea Max 250 mixed reef aquarium. I got into the reefing hobby while living in the Seattle area in 2008. I saw a photo of a saltwater tank on the internet and asked my husband for a 12 gallon Eclipse for my birthday. I had no idea what I was getting myself into! After doing some research and seeing all...
  24. August 2014 R2R Tank Spotlight: Siptang

    Member Tank Thread: [URL][/URL] Introduction: My name is Richard, and I started keeping fish since I was very young by helping my grandmother take care of her multiple small fresh water tanks. I got back into the hobby in college after getting a recommendation from a therapist that it's good for calming my nerves and that it will help me relax and possibly sleep better at night. I kept a fish only tank for many years,...
  25. May 2014 R2R Spotlight: ritter6788

    My name is Gabriel Ritter. Staring at my tank everyday I sometimes only see the bad and not the good so to have peers mention my tank for the spotlight is a huge honor. I got started in this hobby 6 years ago. I've had small freshwater tanks off and on since I can remember. I kept a 45 gallon with freshwater Cichlids for 7 years while only browsing the saltwater section at the pet store and hoping one day to be able to keep such amazing fish. One day I came home to a heater malfunction that...
  26. July 2014 R2R Tank Spotlight: jourdy

    My current display tank is a zoas/LPS-dominated custom 90-gallon all glass aquarium with the dimensions of 48 x 24” x 18”. My stand is custom made by a friend and me. It’s nothing special – basically just something to place my tank on with no regards to aesthetics. After all, I was more concerned about what’s inside the tank.
  27. June 2016 R2R Tank Spotlight: Oldude

    My name is Greg Timms - AKA Oldude & like so many others I had kept freshwater aquariums for many years before I got into the marine hobby in 2004. My first SW tank was a 130 gallon which I out grew within a few years. In late 2008, I had a new tank custom built on site with dimensions of 96" wide x 36" deep and 27" tall that works out to about 404 US gallons. I used a taller stand than I had on my previous tank because since I was usually standing when looking at the reef, I was having to...
  28. February 2014 Spotlight: Joshporksandwic

    Hello my name is Josh. It's an honor to be nominated and selected for tank of the month. As I am kind of new to the hobby, it really surprises me that others appreciate my tank as much as I do. It all started out by watching an episode of tanked and I got caught the reefing itch. I bought an established tank from someone who introduced me to the hobby and showed me how to maintain my tank. My primary goal when I started was to have nice fish and a few corals. Little did I know I was an...
  29. April 2014 R2R Spotlight: Trido

    I’ve been keeping fish tanks for 27 years. Nine years ago I started the planning of my first 120 gallon in-wall salt water tank. I’ve been a reef keeper ever since. Four years ago, I broke down my 210, but I never really left the hobby because I custom built a couple of systems for others. Soon enough I had a 29G SPS tank, a year later upgraded to an old 65G I had laying around and one year later set the 210 In-wall back up. My total system is about 380 gallons, down from the 500 gallons the...
  30. Your Guide to Aquarium Photography #7 - Post-processing

    Post-processing is a very controversial topic with many people opposing post-processing pictures simply because people have optimized processing techniques to make coral colors pop beyond reality. This has led to inflated prices and lots of disappointment when one purchases a coral based on an over-processed picture. Regardless of the above, post-processing remains a critical step in the workflow of a photographer, and with tank photography, post-processing is important to bring the pictures...
  31. R2R Reef of the Month: Fadi's 180-gallon SPS Reef - April 2018

    My Name is Fadi Abu Tahoun. I am from Jordan and currently live in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia. My thanks to Reef2Reef for featuring my tank as Reef of the Month spotlight. I am in love in Acropora corals and Angelfish, and I always wanted to make a reef tank that has them all. Keeping a reef here in this part of world is not an easy task. All of my equipment is bought and shipped from the USA to Saudi Arabia, and for live stock I have had to travel and drive more than a thousand miles to nearby...
  32. Source Water: Choosing and Maintaining your RO/DI Filter

    Tenji is pleased to present a series of exclusive articles for Reef2Reef members. We will be delving into the various aspects of reef keeping, focusing on tried and true methods that can be implemented by aquarists of all levels. Our first installments will be concentrating on the most basic aspect that is frequently overlooked; your source water.
  33. Is this an Eclectus or Jawbreaker? The Sand Bar Coral Farms Discoma Giveaway!

    Sand Bar Coral Farms is a family owned and operated business located in Mission Viejo, CA, specializing in rare, hard-to-source corals as well as the familiar favorites. Their stock of happy, healthy, and sustainably sourced corals, clams, and invertebrates are meticulously cared for using automated monitoring systems and protocols that allow them to produce consistent stock and set up safe quarantines when needed.
  34. Tunze SmartController 7000 Giveaway!

    Tunze SmartController 7000 Giveaway! Control your Tunze pumps, lights, heaters, CO2 system and many other accessories, all through WiFi with The Tunze SmartController 7000. The new controller lets you connect and sync all of your accessories together through a single controller giving you maximum control through individual channels.
  35. Feeding Fish and Corals

    Feeding Fish and Corals I have seen many videos and articles from people around the world making their own food recipes, the general Idea is to mix all different foods together so that each fish and coral have their daily nutritional need. My Tank is a 180 Gallons reef tank with emperor angelfish, purple tang, yellow tang, blue hippo tang, some clowns, wrasses, gobies and anthias. The angelfish and tangs are eating machines and need verity of mixed and nutritional food to keep them healthy...
  36. The Greatest Reefing Show On The Planet Celebrates 5 Years! Check out why you don't want to miss it!

    Reef-A-Palooza Orlando takes place April 7 & 8, 2018, at the Caribe Royale All-Suites Hotel and Convention Center. This marks the 5th year anniversary of the show in Orlando, Florida. Reef-A-Palooza is a two-day event with over 140 of the industry’s leading coral, fish, and dry goods vendors. The main purpose of the show is to provide an enjoyable, positive atmosphere that promotes education and product knowledge for everyone, from the beginning hobbyist to the advanced hobbyist....
  37. The WATERBOX PLATINUM Giveaway! It's Bling Bling!

    The WATERBOX platinum are designed to make purchasing an aquarium for beginners up to professional aquarists simplified. Each Aquarium is water tested and designed by professional engineers with over 15 years experience. We are happy to announce this platinum giveaway of a platinum aquarium system!
  38. Has the hobby gotten too expensive and how does it compare to the past?

    I have been in this hobby for a long time, but I am not going to act like an old codger and say I remember when Flame Angels were a quarter and corals were a dollar. Nor am I going to get into a discussion of how a frag costing more than a major appliance is good for the hobby or even what it means. I have difficulty comprehending this as well as how so much money and so many new hobbyists have come into the hobby. The latter at east in part driving the former. Also it is not my job to tell...
  39. Your Guide to Aquarium Photography #6 - Top Down Shots

    Top down shots have gained popularity in the last several years and are used by most online vendors for most of their coral shots. By simply taking away any glass between the camera and the coral, the effect on clarity, white balance, and color rendition is amazing.
  40. Reef2Reef Meet & Greet! FREE Food, SWAG, Music, Prizes and more!

    We're super excited to announce our very first R2R Meet & Greet on April 9th at the WWC Coral Farm the day after ReefAPalooza! Join us for a time of getting to know one another, eating some great food, picking up some free swag and more! The cost is FREE! We appreciate the whole crew at World Wide Corals for opening their doors to us for a chance to check out their awesome coral farm and to maybe go home with some coral as well! They don't open to the public very often but who are we kidding...