As many of you guys know, we have our Toys for Kids 2016 drive going on RIGHT NOW! This is a huge outreach, and you guys and gals of Reef2Reef always make this a huge success! Thanks so much for your continued generosity! :) :)

Also right now, we'd like to take a moment to highlight the awesome sponsors who are giving to help make this drive awesome! This thread will showcase each of the sponsors who are donating one (or more) of our great raffle prizes! Please help me in thanking each of them for their generous support of this drive and helping children in need to have a special Christmas!


First up is Turbo's Aquatics!


Bud (Turbo) continually brings innovation in filtration to the industry with his algae scrubbers! He is donating a full L4 package, which includes:
  • New L4 Turbo Algae Scrubber (Rev 4)
  • 1 pair of Mounting Rails
  • Pump (winner's choice)
  • Free Shipping within the US including Alaska and Hawaii (additional shipping for international)
  • Candy (because who doesn't like candy?)




Next, TUNZE is a name many of you know!

TUNZE has continually brought awesome equipment to the hobby in everything from flow to filtration! They're known for their stellar quality, reliability, and customer service!


TUNZE is donating one of their 9415 Skimmers! Here's a bit of info on it (for a more complete write-up, check this out!):
  • Recommended for salt water aquariums up to 1,500 liters (400 USgal.).
  • Immersion depth from 100 to 200 mm (4 to 8 in.) without setting.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 350 x 300 x 440 mm (13.8 x 11.8 x 17.3 in.)
  • Water flow rate: 900 l/h (238 USgal./h)
  • Air capacity: 1,000 l/h (264 USgal./h)
  • Energy consumption: 15 W, 230V/50Hz (15 W, 115V/60Hz)
  • Skimmer cup volume: 2 liters (.5 USgal.)
  • Dimensions of the skimmer cup including lid: ø215 x H.218 mm (8.46" x H. 8.58")
  • To be able to take off skimmer cup it must be raised by 71 mm (2.80") at least.

And here's a video of the TUNZE 9415 from its release at Interzoo:

Reef Breeders is the next sponsor in this list!


Reef Breeders is another name that is well-known thanks to their great lighting options! Reef Breeders is donating a Photon 16-V2 LED Light, Nano Light WiFi, and a Coral Box A100 ATO system!

The Photon V2 uses 5 watt Cree XT-Es, and 3 watt Cree, Semi, and Osram diodes, bringing the Photon V2 up to date with the latest in LED technology. There are also 6 dimming channels, so you can have precise control over every color.

The layout is based on years of reef keeping, research, and consulting with experts and renowned hobbyists on the subject of LED lighting and your corals. We target both chlorophyll and the accessory proteins in coral tissues which aide in growth and color.

Dimensions 15.75″x8.5″x1″
Wattage at Full Power 115watts
At Half Power 65watts
MH Comparison 250watt
Number of LEDs 36
Dimmable Yes
Controllable Yes




The Nano-Lite Wifi (also known as the Coral Box Moon LED light) is the perfect lighting solution for your nano or pico tank! It has 6 dimming channels controlled via an app on your Apple or Android smartphone. You can set a full sunrise and sunset schedule as well as lightening storms and cloud cover.

Dimensions 7″ Diameter X 1.34″H
Wattage at Full Power 50watts
At Half Power 25watts
MH Comparison 100watt
Number of LEDs 15, 6 channels
Dimmable Yes
Controllable Yes


The Coral Box A100 ATO system is an all-inclusive Auto Top Off system for your aquarium.

The kit includes a power supply, controller, optical sensor, backup physical float, bracket, tubing, and a pump- all you need is water!




The 4th sponsor in our list is!


If you haven't checked out all the great products available to you from, then you should definitely check them out! Great folks and known for their great service! They are donating a Nuvo Concept ATOLL 12 gallon Aquarium.

Innovative Marine's nature-inspired AIO's explores uncharted territories and finds new ways to re-imagine and elevate the hobbyist experience. Ultra-modern style, optical quality acrylic & a high gloss pedestal are you just a few features that define luxury and its aquascaping space is designed to drive your imagination.
  • Dimensions: Diameter 18” Height: 11” Base: 4"
  • 12 Gallons
  • 6mm Cell Cast Acrylic
  • Seamless Viewing
  • Built-in Overflow
  • Pre-Installed Rubber Leveling Mat
  • (1) - Removable 200 micron filter sock
  • (1) - 8W 110v/60Hz 13-92 GPH Return Pump
  • Pearl White Pedestal Included
  • Includes: Flexible hose and return elbow with (1)Directional Flow Nozzle



#5 is Marine Depot


Most of you will know Marine Depot either from their great selection of equipment and hobby products or their awesome YouTube channel with informative video content on all kinds of topics!

Marine Depot is donating an AquaMaxx HOB-1 Protein Skimmer!

The AquaMaxx Hang on Back Series I (HOB-1) protein skimmer features an incredibly responsive collection cup and an amazingly powerful submersible pump. It is rated up to 75 gallons in a design thin and light enough to be placed on a nano aquarium or other small saltwater aquarium.

  • Modified and upgraded Italian Sicce needle-wheel pump produces optimum bubble size for high-efficiency protein skimming
  • Efficient, durable and reliable
  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Cell-cast acrylic construction
  • Dimension : L 7.5 x W 3.5 x H 17 Inch
  • Pump: AquaMaxx SHARK 1.0 (modified and upgraded Italian Sicce pump)
  • Pump power consumption: 11 Watts
  • Outlet size: 3/4 Inch
  • Minimum tank height 10-7/8"
  • Filtration Rating: up to 75 Gallons (light bioload) or 40 Gallons (heavy bioload)
  • Requires approximately 4" of clearance to remove collection cup.
  • Fits aquarium rims up to 3/4" thick.
*New Upgrades - Current models include an upgraded bubble plate with conical diffusers, re-designed hang-on bracket, and a larger collection cup as shown in the product photos.



Here's a video of this great skimmer!

#6 in our list is Reefers Direct!


Reefers Direct is one of our newer sponsors at R2R, and if you haven't checked out the great equipment and HOT corals they've got to offer, then head over to their site!

They're donating a $50 gift certificate!

Here are a few pictures of things from their Coral Corner you might spend it on... :)




#7 is Avast Marine!


Avast Marin has some incredible equipment solutions for your reef! They're well-known for their innovation and quality! They are donating 3 Barrel Tender Prizes!

The Barrel Tender is a unique device designed to automatically regulate reverse osmosis (RO) water production and greatly reduce the negative effects of TDS creep. The Tender senses when the RO reservoir is nearly empty, then turns on the RO system until the reservoir is full. This allows the RO unit to run for longer periods of time, which maximizes filter efficiency.


Footprint: 6" x 4.5"
Height: 5"
Power: 12v




And because I know you guys and gals like videos...

Next up, we have 2 prize packs from Billys Reef Connection!


Billy's Reef Connection has an awesome selection of everything from clean up crew to corals to name it, they've got it! Be sure to check them out!! They're donating 2 prizes: 50 lbs Dry Reef Rock and a Cleanup Crew!




Coral Frenzy
is supporting our Toy Drive with 3 prize packages!


Coral Frenzy is a name that many of you guys and gals already know well! Known for their signature coral food products, Coral Frenzy is helps keep reef tanks thriving and growing! They are donating 3 Prizes to this years drive: Food Packages, Towel and a $50 Visa Gift Card!

Here's a bit of info on their signature food: Coral Frenzy: The ULTIMATE Coral Food

PARTICLE SIZE: 53-1700 microns. CORAL FRENZY is an excellent food for your small fish, corals, and filter feeders.

CORAL FRENZY is concentrated: A 28g jar can feed a 100 gallon tank for 2-3 months.

CORAL FRENZY CONTAINS: Fish Protein, Oyster Larvae, Salmon Roe, Dunaliella salina, Schizochytrium, Rotifers, Copepods, Daphnia, Spirulina, & Haematococcus Pluvialis.

NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS: Crude Protein (min) 52.8%, Crude Fat (min) 9.8%, Crude Fiber (max) 1.6%, Ash (max) 14.2%, Moisture (max) 6.8%, Omega 3 (min) 26.7%, Omega 6 (min) 10.6%.

They also have 1mm and 0.5mm pellets available!


And here's a really informative video of feeding with Coral Frenzy (with plenty of eye-candy):

Next up is Santa Monica!


Santa Monica is another great sponsor who brings innovative filtration to the hobby through their great algae scrubbers! They are donating a HOG1 Algae Scrubber to our Toy Drive prize line up!

The HOG1 is the overall best choice of Santa Monica's scrubbers if you don't know anything about algae scrubbers, and you don't know how thick your aquarium walls are, or how much filtering you need. It has over 24 square inches (150 square cm) of algal growth surface, which is designed to absorb the nutrients from this much feeding per day:

1 Frozen cube, or
10 Pinches of flake, or
10 Square inches (62 square cm) of nori, or
2.8 grams of pellets

This HOG1 was the first algae scrubber with Green Grabber (tm) growth surfaces. Green Grabber surfaces are so rough and prickly that they might be the roughest thing you've ever felt. A cactus might be sharper, but that's about it. Rough surfaces are critical for allowing algae to attach and grow and thus provide strong absorption of nutrients. The rock-hard protrusions stick straight out 1 to 3 mm. Older style algae scrubber screens are made from "slippery" plastic canvas that is used for sewing and knitting; algae takes a long time to attach to it. Green Grabber (tm) growth surfaces are not plastic at all; instead they are rock hard and have jagged rough edges and points (don't let children play with them). Green Grabber surfaces are so good at grabbing algae and letting it grow that you may starting seeing tiny growth spots within hours, instead of days. And the white color of the Green Grabber surface reflects as much light as possible, getting almost the effectiveness of a 2-sided screen even though it really only has a light on one side of the surface.



And here's an unboxing and installation video of the HOG1! :)

GHL is another well-known name in the reef hobby!


GHL is known for their innovation in controller technology, quality products, and great customer service! The good folks at GHL are donating a GHL Doser 2.1 SA, 3 pump doser in White.

Thanks to the high quality technology inside the compact and modern GHL Doser 2.1, it not only provides precise and simple dosing, but it also includes many more features. With the free GHL Contol App or the cloud service myGHL you can access your Doser from anywhere in the world to start dispensing programs or check the levels of your metering liquids. The device is comfortably operated from your smartphone or your PC.

What’s in the box:
  • GHL Doser 2.1 SA Unit
  • 24V powersupply
  • 8x Plastic tubing adapters
  • 6ft USB cable


Omega Coral is another great new sponsor!

Omega Coral is bringin' their HOT collection to Reef2Reef! Definitely take the time to check out the great stuff they have to offer! They're donating a $100 Gift Certificate to their site at!

Here are a few pics to whet your appetite!





Also thanks to Aquatic Life!!

Aquatic Life offers great products ranging from lighting and flow equipment to filtration solutions! Definitely have look at all of their fantastic equipment at! They are donating a Water Filtration Package: 3 stage TI filtration system with a dual DI TI filter.

The Aquatic Life Twist-In 100 GPD 3-Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration systems are very compact water purification solutions that efficiently combine reverse osmosis RO and DI technology with our quick and easy to change twist-in replacement filter cartridges. The new twist-in media cartridge design makes filter changes simple, easy and clean – no tools required and no mess! The twist-in cartridges can be easily changed in only seconds with just a quarter turn and without contact with used filter material, and the supply water to the unit does not have to be turned off to replace any cartridge.

  • Small footprint of the unit makes it easy to place under cabinets or in limited spaces.
  • Twist-In cartridges for fast and easy replacement of filter media.
  • Triple-sealed cartridges ensure trouble-free operation.
  • Compact design with pivoting cartridge heads is perfect for small spaces.
  • Mounting Brackets hold the unit securely while mounted in a convenient location.
  • Includes everything for installation: Tubing, Water Supply Connectors, Drain Connector.

The Aquatic Life Twist-In Color Changing Dual Deionization Filter system is a very compact dual cartridge solution that efficiently combines improved color changing DI resin media performance with our quick and easy to change twist-in replacement filter cartridges.

We at REEF2REEF are truly blessed to have such awesome sponsors who not only carry great product and provide the community with their expertise, but also who are generous in their support of initiatives to help others in need! We couldn't do what we do without them!

So a HUGE thanks to each of the awesome sponsors mentioned above who are donating to the cause of Toys For Kids 2016!

Please CLICK HERE to join me in thanking our sponsors!