Articles from chad vossen

  1. What if we could 3D print our aquascape?

    3D printing could very well take our hobby to the next level of sustainability. 3D printing may have a place in aquaculture. It could be used to mass produce various size shells for hermit crabs, even species specific shells that are hard to source. Anyone interested in aquaculturing hermit crabs for clean up crews will have to source shells that are cheap enough to be competitive with wild caught hermit crabs. 3D printing might be a solution. Some basic designs, and intricate ornamental...
  2. Raising the Komahara blenny

    Fang blennies are perfect for reef tanks. They can be kept in harems, or individually. This article documents the early life stages of the Komahara blenny.
  3. Captive breeding of the Bellus angelfish

    A short summary of our work on the bellus angelfish. Enjoy and please make a comment!