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  1. LC Blog: Leptos and Stylos, Let's Talk About Them!

    Hello reefers,

    So there's been a new type of coral that we've been collecting here at LC. Now this type of coral isn't as popular as say zoanthids, acroporas, or chalices. But oddly enough they still usually carry a high price tag. These corals have very thin layers of tissues that just encrust over rocks. Not sure if they're considered lps or sps, since they technically are small polyped but are fleshy like lps at times... You probably know what I'm talking about by now. Encrusters!!!...
  2. Favias, Favias, Favias... Underrated Beauties

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    Hello reefers,

    Darwin here with another article. Mostly a story/ discussion as to what comes out of my reefing head. I haven't done a write up in a while and I was inspired to start this one up after seeing a couple of posts on Facebook coral groups. Excuse any grammer errors or thoughts going everywhere as I wrote this while waiting for my car at the dealership. This might strike you guys as odd as to why I'm not talking about zoas, but this...
  3. Shrooms, The Latest Hot Trend???

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    Hello fellow reefers,

    Darwin here with another blog like story time post! I've been talking about this subject with a couple of friends and it's very noticeable that the demand for these squishies has skyrocketed in the past couple of years. Some people even make it a mission to collect every new piece that comes out now (or even some people who make a vow to collect all the nicest jawbreakers out there *cough cough*). But it wasn't always like...
  4. Explanation on How Zoas Get Their Names

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    Hello fellow reefers!

    I was trolling the zoanthids section of this forum (as usual) and ran across a very interesting topic, asking what does a zoa name really mean (it was interesting because the reefer is a researcher interested in genetics and wanted to see if all zoas were lineaged back to one name)? To save him the trouble I wrote a brief explanation... That got a bit longer with a 1st edit.. and then longer with a 2nd... and then a 3rd......