Articles from Paul B

  1. The Other Way to Run a Reef Tank (no Quarantine)

    The other way to run a reef tank (No Quarantine)
    I was asked by my friend Humblefish to start a thread on my practices of running a tank with no quarantine, hospital tanks, medications, dipping or almost anything else.

    It is "not" just to take a fish from a store and drop it in your reef because that fish will probably die. You may not see many spots on fish in a store because just about all stores use medications in their tanks to suppress the parasites. They have to because they get new...
  2. Clams, The Best Food for a Reef

    Clams as food in a reef aquarium.
  3. Old Tank Syndrome

    Is this a myth? Something we heard about in the deep abbesses of when the hobby started (I think it was on a Tuesday) Is this something we need to worry about. Like we don't have enough to worry about with the heartbreak of psoriasis and wondering if we will be accepted into the "Hair club for men".
  4. Build your own rock for practically free

    Building rock is easy, cheap and looks better than real rock
  5. How I Got Started in the Hobby in 1971

    How I Got Started in the Hobby in 1971
  6. Pipefish

    I would like to discuss one of my favorite fish, the pipefish. Pipefish to me are so much different from normal fishy looking fish that I can't help but to love them. There are more things different in pipefish than similar to normal looking fish. They are so different that at one time, in the 1800s pipefish were considered to be insects instead of fish.
    They probably got that idea because they have an external skeleton composed of bony plates instead of scales so when you pick one up, it...
  7. Put a bottle in your tank

    Yes, I realize most people don't like putting phony looking stuff in their tank and I also hate things like sunken shops, sunken planes, sunken chests etc, but I do like putting natural stuff in my tank. In the 45 years since I have been diving I have seen all sorts of things under water from boots to Oldsmobiles. I never put a boot in my tank and I think I would have a problem with the transmission fluid if I tried to put an Oldsmobile in there, aside from the fact that it wouldn't fit...