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    Reef of the Month, June, 2019, @FarmerTy

    The June, 2019, Reef of the Month belongs to @FarmerTy.
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    Amazing Amphipods

    Here is a short introduction to amphipods, small crustaceans that are likely in your reef tank.
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    Profile of a Reef Aquarist (#8): Reef2Reef Staff Member @4FordFamily

    For this profile we're talking to a Reef2Reef staff member who is very serious about his aquariums and livestock.
  4. Close Encounters of the Copepod Kind

    A look inside the world of copepods, tiny, aquatic creatures that are supremely well adapted to their environment.
  5. What's the Difference Between a Saltwater and a Freshwater Aquarium Aside From the Salt?

    For those who haven't taken the plunge yet, and who are wondering what the differences are between a saltwater and a freshwater tank, here's a short introduction.
  6. What Equipment Do You Need to Start a Reef Aquarium?

    This article addresses the question that everyone new to the reef aquarium hobby asks: what equipment do I need to have a reef tank? It's a difficult question to answer, but we've given you some guidelines.
  7. Reef of the Month, May, 2019, @reef jacob

    The May, 2019, Reef of the Month belongs to @reef jacob.
  8. Captivating Crustaceans: Crabs for the Reef Tank

    An introduction to crabs that you may or may not want in your reef tank.
  9. Profile of a Reef Aquarist (#7): A Pragmatic Approach to Reef Aquarium Uncertainty

    With a slow and steady hand, this reefer not only has several successful tanks up and running but he has also been president of his local aquatic club.
  10. The History of Tunze

    Tunze, an aquarium equipment manufacturer, and one of our sponsors, has a long and illustrious history with lots of "firsts" and patents. We've also added a little ancient aquarium history for good measure.
  11. Life on the Reef: True Stories From Reef Aquarists That Will Make You Laugh or Cry

    Some funny and some hair-raising stories from some of our forum members about memorable experiences with their tanks.
  12. Best in Shell: Snails for the Reef Aquarium

    Here's a rundown on the most common snails in the reef aquarium trade and others that might accidentally find their way into your aquarium: the recommended ones and the not-so-recommended ones.
  13. Plastic for the Reef Aquarium, Part 3

    Part 3 and the conclusion of Plastic for the Reef Aquarium.
  14. Plastic for the Reef Aquarium, Part 2

    In this part we begin to examine plastics more closely and look at why interpreting research studies is so challenging. What plastics research applies to reef aquarists and what doesn't?
  15. Plastic for the Reef Aquarium, Part 1

    This article is a companion article to the one written about glass several months ago--everything you always wanted to know about plastic and a few things you probably didn't want to know.