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  1. GHL USA Profilux Controller Giveaway! Over $430 Value

    GHL USA Profilux Controller Giveaway! Sponsored by GHL USA! It's easy and free to enter. So what are you waiting for? One lucky winner will be chosen by random draw to win a GHL ProfiLux Mini Controller. Click here for all the details.
  2. EcoTech Marine Vortoberfest Giveaway

    EcoTech Marine Vortoberfest Giveaway! WIN a VorTech MP40 or be one of the current VorTech owners that will win one of two VorTech Upgrade options! Thank you to EcoTech Marine!
  3. The Bulk Reef Supply 2 Part Giveaway!

    The Bulk Reef Supply 2 Part Giveaway! Sponsored by It's easy and free to enter. So what are you waiting for?
  4. Dr. Joshi’s 500 Gallon SPS dominated mixed reef

    If you are a reef hobbyist, chances are that you are familiar with the legendary Dr. Joshi. Featured by almost, if not every, reef-keeping print publication, online blog and forum for his coral keeping ability, a quick Google search will reveal his legacy as well as pictures of his beautiful tank.
  5. Reef Wrasse: Aquarium Duty

    Every fish has its reasons on this planet. Some are designed to control fish populations. Other fish have evolved into algae grazers. There are even fish who are designed to keep specific coral safe from predators or threats. Today’s topic is the group of reef safe wrasse and their duties in the aquarium...
  6. Photo-Chop: What You See Is Not What You Get

    Have you ever shopped online and purchased a coral that looked extremely bright and full of color only to receive a dulled down version? It has you question whether your tank husbandry is out of whack and makes you second guess your light choice. The truth is that you probably do have the exact coral from the photograph. The lights they use are probably equivalent or less than yours. After all, most businesses try to save money. They also find ways to make money. One of the most...

    Sometimes you get to the point where your rock is not working out for you. Maybe you had a stagnant tank and everything died? Maybe you have an insane algae problem? Maybe you just got the rock for free from some fishy character on Craigslist and just don’t trust it? Even aiptasia, hydroids, or dinoflagellates can make every other option impossible. Either way you are at your wits end and need a fresh start. Time to bust out the heavy artillery!
  8. Spreading The Goods: Giving Coralline Algae A Kickstart

    Coralline algae is a very beneficial life form that most reefers want in their tanks. It can come in many colors and some even forms interesting branching shapes. It can encrust on just about anything. After a while, cleaning it can actually become an extra task on the weekly maintenance list. For those of you who are not to this level of growth or just starting a tank there is a great way to get those white rocks as purple as a grape.
  9. Clown Goby Symbiosis

    You have seen them at the pet store,or even own one or two of your own. For a cheaper fish they are quite cute and peaceful, unlike most Damselfish. They get their name from their similar body shape to the clownfish. Like the clownfish they also have a symbiotic relationship with something most people would not expect, not to mention the way they operate together is quite astounding. If you have seen this before you know I am referring to Acropora.
  10. The Supreme Guide To Setting Up A Saltwater Reef Aquarium

    The marine environment is one of the most complex systems on the planet. The aquarium you are about to set up is only a tiny sliver of the vast ocean, but it is no where near simple. This task is going to take patience, a ton of reading, and a ton of patience...
  11. GRAFTING CORALS: The Art Of Coral Grafting

    The art of coral grafting is very risky. It involves fragging corals, which if you have any knowledge on that know it can come with some dangers. They can contain toxins that could potentially kill someone. With proper safety you can cut any fraggable coral with confidence. Once you become a skilled frag master you can start to experiment with the pieces. Let me clear up the notion that grafting corals is the same as grafting trees. A coral will not be genetically altered, it wont grow weird...
  12. The Captain America Palythoa (paly)

    These corals are not here to lead the country, they are here to serve it. Captain America Palythoas are a comic book nerd’s dream coral, well one of them. The coral resembles Captain America’s famous red, white, and blue shield. Due to varying circumstances in individual aquarium, the color scheme may be morphed to a green hue or the red may turn pink. The one thing that stays as true as the superhero is the pattern of the colors themselves.

    image via reef2reef member @Nanofins

    You do...
  13. Quicker Than A Ray Of Light (The Sunburst Anemone)

    No, I am not talking about Madonna! The Sunburst Anemone is much more interesting, at least more family friendly! This anemone was actually created in Colorado, not the sea! It is a strain of Ectacmaea Quadricolor, but not your every day rose. This bad boy is ORANGE! There is another anemone in the sea that lives off the California coast that is a whole other monster and should not be confused with the Bubble Tipped version.

    sunburst bubble tipped anemone image via reef2reef member...
  14. Step Away from the Tank (When is it time to quit the hobby?)

    Step Away from the Tank (When is it time to quit the hobby?)

    Animals are a fragile link in the chain of the immense ecosystem. Most of them were here before humans. The fact of the matter is that animals are important to the well being of the planet. Even maggots play a role in cleaning up messes. It may be disgusting, it may be raunchy, but a rotten animal will smell much worse on its own for a longer period of time than it would without a belly full of what makes us all sick to the...
  15. Gone Fishing (Fish Collection)

    Have you ever wondered why marine fish are so expensive? Unlike a cichlid, or most other freshwater fish, marine creatures live in much harder to reach areas of the world. Some live hundreds of feet below sea level which is very out of reach to the Average Joe, thus it is more expensive to obtain these creatures. Not only are they harder to get to but they are also more difficult to capture. Yeah, people could just throw a hook and bobber over the reef but the odds of capturing the fish in...