Personal Experience Best Practices: 4 Step Process to Help Prevent Fish Disease Outbreaks

Great detailed information. Learned the hard way as i don't have a quarantine tank! Always wanted a purple tang, and i finally got one at a hefty price of $85 for 1/2'" size. He did well for a few days and then i believe had ich. Panic set in. i was worried about infestation of my whole tank. Option of buying medication online and delivery was out of the question. Got Dr. G's Medicated Nutrition, medicated frozen food! from Pets Co. A great product! Within 4-5 days it all cleared up
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Excellent info..
Like the comprehensive nature of your protocol!
Grate information.
This article is very informative. I have had my issues with parasites and I look forward to trying this out on my tusk fish for LA next week.
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