Intermediate Topic Breeding the Banggai Cardinalfish in your Home Aquarium

Great article @35ppt

Would you mind if I bug you for a few questions? I apologize if i missed it. I have pajama’s. Love them, have to be about 9 years paired now.

My problem is they have staked out their territory that is behind a rock up toward the top. (High rent district) If they swim it is one out high and the other down lower. I never really catch when the male goes into hiding with eggs because they aren’t swimmers to begin with. (180 gallon) So I never have an idea when they will release . Any tips other than dropping in the set up when I see the eggs in the mouth?

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Thank you! No problem at all. PJ's don't hold their eggs nearly as long, about a week IIRC. And as such they release the fry as pelagic larvae that need to be fed rotifers at first before moving on the larger prey. That means also culturing phyto to feed the rotifers. So you'd need to be collecting the male by sectioning off the tank or using the flashlight trick and putting him in a system specially setup to house pelagic larvae and either waiting for him to release or removing the egg sack from his mouth and put it into a tumbler. A setup like what is outlined here for peppermints would work: Bottom line, PJ are a lot more work than Banggai.