Captive Bred Candy Basslets are Ready for Your Tank!

Well guys, I’m excited to share some amazing news with everyone. We here at Among The Reef have captive bred Candy Basslets (Liopropoma carmabi) in stock, bred by the Karen Brittain herself! These special little guys were born on New Year’s Day, and are finally available from us.
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Jordan and I, as well as the rest of the team at Among The Reef are incredibly excited to share these gorgeous and rare fish. The reason you haven’t heard more about them being bred in captivity is due to the extreme difficulty that these fish are to breed. The difficulty is also the driving factor on why this is going to be the only batch of Candies available from Karen. We have some progression pictures of them below. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see the long filament that trails from the fish in the larval stages.
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Karen was happy to explain the full process to us, but most of it went over our heads. We did gather that the filament is the major reason in the difficulty of raising the fish. Enough about the difficulty! Let’s talk about the finished product :) These guys are so incredibly hardy, it's incredible. We’re so confident in them thriving in your system, that we’re going to offer a 30-day guarantee* on them, which is far and away the longest guarantee that’s ever been offered at Among The Reef. These guys are aggressively eating frozen Mysis and Brine Shrimp, and are a stunning addition to any tank. The great thing about them being captive bred, is that they're a lot less cryptic and are more active than the wild caught Candies.
We’re so thrilled to be the only online retailer to offer the Candies from this one and only batch from Karen! These guys are going to be listed at $1100 shipped, and they also come with a custom "birth certificate" with your name and Jordan's signature! Feel free to PM/email Jordan or me about any questions, I promise I don’t bite, but can’t speak for the other guy ;) Let’s get to some pictures!
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