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    GIVEAWAY: Win a Reef Kinetics ReefBot valued at over $900 shipped to your door!

    Reef Kinetics ReefBot Giveaway! We are super excited to announce that we're giving away a Reef Kinetics ReefBot to one lucky R2R member! The ReefBot is an automatic water testing device that monitors your aquarium, tank or pond by running tests periodically, analyzing them and sending you real-time updates via mobile or web app. Not only can you monitor your aquarium, you can even perform and set up preferred test schedules and let the ReefBot do the rest of the work for you remotely! HOW...
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    The ROSSMONT Water Moving Giveaway! Win a Mover & Riser!

    Rossmont Water Moving Giveaway! HOW TO ENTER (3 Entries) 1. SUBSCRIBE to the Rossmont Youtube Page Here (one entry) 2. LIKE the Rossmont Facebook Page Here (one entry) 3. Write a post about why you like the Rossmont Mover or Rossmont Riser in this thread. (one entry) *Make a separate post in this thread after completing any of the entries. Each separate post is a separate entry. Winning entry is subject to verification. BONUS ENTRY FOR R2R SUPPORTING & PARTNER MEMBERS: This is an...
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    **** Aquaforest SALT FOR A YEAR GIVEAWAY!! ****

    WOW!! Here's an AMAZING giveaway sponsored by Aquaforest and Reef2Reef!! 1 lucky reefer will win a year's supply of Aquaforest Reef Salt (1 bucket of salt per month)!
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    *** TOP 3 GIVEAWAY by Rocky Mountain Frags

    ROCKY MOUNTAIN FRAGS and REEF2REEF are bringing you the TOP 3 Giveaway!! We love corals, and we know that you do too! What are your favorite 3 corals of all time? The winner will receive a $200 gift card to Rocky Mountain Frags!
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    The William S. Tunze Macro Alage Reactor (MAR) Giveaway! BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO OWN!

    This month we're doing something special with the Tunze Giveaway. We have a special prize as we have one of the new Tunze Macro Algae Reactors (MAR) 3181 to give away so we needed a special way to get entered. THE WINNER WILL BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO OWN ONE OF THESE REACTORS!
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    R2R Cartoon Caption Contest - April 2019

    Cartoon Caption Contest for April 2019. Have some laughs with us! Join the forum and play! Win a $100 gift card from Top Shelf Aquatics!
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    *** Share Your Reef TUNZE Stream 3 Giveaway ***

    We've got another awesome giveaway for you guys from TUNZE!! This one is for the TUNZE Stream 3 valued at over $350!!
  8. R2R Cartoon Caption Contest - March 2019

    Cartoon Caption Contest for March 2019. Have some laughs with us! Join the forum and play! Win a $100 gift card from Top Shelf Aquatics!
  9. *** WIN A ClariSea SK-5000 from Triquatics! ***

    Attention, Reef2Reefers! @Triquatics is teaming up with R2R to bring you a brand new giveaway! One lucky reefer is going to win a ClariSea SK-5000!!
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    ** Noopsyche LIGHTING UP YOUR REEF AGAIN Giveaway! 3 WINNERS!! **

    NOOPSYCHE is LIGHTING UP YOUR REEF AGAIN!! And this time there are THREE WINNERS!! I don't know if you've been following @noopsyche and their brand new K7 ProII reef light, but this one is making waves already in the reef community! You can check out @Dana Riddle's testing of the Noopsyche K7 ProII HERE. If you'd like to purchase one of these great lights, you can either check out the info in THIS THREAD or you can PM @noopsyche directly. HOW TO ENTER Official Entry (note that the entry is...
  11. *** Watch 2 Win Giveaway! Win a New Aqueon Nano Tank Setup from ***

    Here's another great giveaway brought to you by @SaltwaterAq and R2R!! One lucky winner is going to walk away with a brand new Aqueon 20 Gallon Beginner Saltwater Aquarium Kit!
  12. Cartoon Caption Contest #3

    Cartoon Caption Contest #3. Have some laughs with us! Join the forum and play! Win prizes!
  13. >>> Light Up Your Reef Giveaway by Noopsyche and R2R!! <<<

    I don't know if you've been following @noopsyche and their brand new K7 ProII reef light, but this one is making waves already in the reef community! You can check out @Dana Riddle's testing of the Noopsyche K7 ProII HERE. And thanks to Noopsyche and R2R you can own one FOR FREE!
  14. *** It's the LRS SWAGOLICIOUS GIVEAWAY!! ***

    Larry and the LRS crew are teaming up with R2R for another great giveaway with swag for you and delicious LRS food for your reef! Jump into the fun by entering below! It's free and easy! One winner will be selected to receive: an LRS fleece, 6 packs of your choice of LRS frozen food, an LRS thermal cup, and One (very nice and hard to get) 2019 calendar from Aquarium Factory Blue Harbor in Osaka, Japan!
  15. Tunze Calcium Kit with Osmolator GIVEAWAY! This one is easy!

    Tunze Osmolator and Calcium Dispenser R2R Giveaway! Sponsored by =-infoxunter036'] and
  16. 5 WINNERS!! Make Testing Easy in 2019! A New GIVEAWAY from Marine Depot and Hanna Instruments!

    Marine Depot is excited to announce we've teamed with Hanna Instruments and Reef2Reef once again to MAKE TESTING EASY IN 2019! 5 winners will be randomly selected on January 25, 2019 to receive: A Hanna Instruments Marine Salinity and Temperature Tester AND The NEW Hanna Instruments Marine Phosphate Ultra Low Range Colorimeter Checker
  17. Cartoon Caption Contest #2

    Cartoon Caption Contest #2. We give you the cartoon, and you give us the caption for it. Happy Holidays to everyone from Reef2Reef. Three winners and three fantastic prizes.
  18. --> The Triquatics Flow Crazy Nero 5 Giveaway!! <--

    Attention, Reef2Reefers! @Triquatics is teaming up with R2R to bring you the Flow Crazy Nero 5 Giveaway!! One lucky reefer is going to win a brand new AI Nero 5 Pump!
  19. *** The AquaSD All I Want For Christmas $500 Giveaway!!! ***

    Hey, everybody!! CHECK THIS OUT!!! It's the AquaSD ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY!!! And what we all want for Christmas is MORE CORALS...which probably shouldn't be left under the tree for me to find on Christmas morning... Well, that's ok because @AquaSD is giving away FIVE (5) $100 gift cards!!

    Welcome to our first cartoon caption contest, where we will show you a cartoon, and you write the caption. There will be three winners: a first, second, and third place.
  21. Toys For Kids 2018: A Home For Children

    It's that time of year for giving and our members at [URL=""][/URL] love to give! If you are a seasoned veteran of REEF2REEF then you know we help unfortunate children get gifts, clothing and food at Christmas time. Every Christmas for the past 10 years we have had a toy donation drive and every year the members of R2R and the reefing community step up and give to make Christmas dreams come true! Last year alone we raised over $10,000 and bought gifts for over 100 KIDS!
  22. Win an Aquatic Life Hybrid Light—ANY SIZE, ANY COLOR!

    Hi kids! Do you like Hybrids? Marine Depot is back with another amazing contest for REEF2REEF members which is co-sponsored by our friends at Aquatic Life. 1 lucky participant will be randomly selected November 26 to receive an Aquatic Life Hybrid Light Fixture in the size (24”, 36”, 48”, or 61”) and color (black or wrhite) of their choice—UP TO A $469.99 VALUE!
  23. BUILT LIKE A TUNZE! - 9410 DOC Skimmer GIVEAWAY!

    TUNZE has been a name associated with excellent quality in our hobby for over 30 years, and they're one of the great sponsors who have supported our community for years. We're excited to partner with Tunze this month to bring you one of their amazing skimmers! I personally have the Tunze 9410 DOC Skimmer on my tank, and I'm excited that we can offer one this month to you! Since this is a "Built like a Tunze" giveaway, we're focusing our entries on your reef build. Here's how you enter...
  24. Synergy Custom Sumptacular Giveaway

    Are you looking for the perfect sump that not only looks awesome, but has over the top performance? The Synergy Reef™ CL-34 model sumps are your answer. We have designed this model to meet the demands of the reefer who demands more than the average off the shelf sump. We hand build each one to meet your needs. Need slight modifications in length to be able to fit this in your stand. Want it to flow right to left or left to right? We can do that! Try that with an off the shelf sump. The CL...
  25. The Waterbox Giveaway!

    Waterbox Platinum™ Reef Aquariums provide hobbyists with a customizable foundation to design their dream aquarium. The Waterbox Platinum™ series of Reef aquariums are constructed of Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Beveled Glass on all 5 sides. The Waterbox Platinum™ series also boasts a truly beautiful rimless design which sits on a pre-seated self-leveling foam mat.