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    Plastic for the Reef Aquarium, Part 1

    This article is a companion article to the one written about glass several months ago--everything you always wanted to know about plastic and a few things you probably didn't want to know.
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    Profile of a Reef Aquarist (#6)

    Here we profile @dantimdad, a DIY'er extraordinaire with vast experience.
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    A Photo Essay: 15 Before and After Full Tank Shots for Inspiration

    Do you ever secretly want to see how reef tanks evolve, change, and mature over time with different owners and different husbandry practices? Here's your chance.
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    The World's Loudest Animals: Sperm Whales

    Read about the largest toothed mammals on the planet. Possibly a bit large for your reef tank.
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    A Letter to My Younger Self

    One of our forum members writes a letter to his younger less-experienced self to warn him of the dangers ahead.
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    5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Clean a Marine Aquarium

    A beginner article on some easy ways to keep your tank clean.
  7. Book Review--The Marine Aquarium Handbook: Beginner to Breeder by Martin A. Moe, Jr.

    A book review of Martin A. Moe, Jr.'s landmark book, essential for the reefer's library.
  8. Profile of a Reef Aquarist (#5)

    A forum member who has been a successful reefer for six years. Read about her journey from 30 gallons to 200 gallons.
  9. Siri Control of Apex (SCA) without HomeBridge

    How to use Siri to control Apex with the use of HomeBridge.
  10. Introduction to Flow, Tank Turnover, and Powerheads for the Reef Tank, Part 3

    Part 3 and the conclusion of flow, tank turnover, and powerheads for the reef tank: a brief foray into powerhead placement in the saltwater tank.
  11. Introduction to Flow, Tank Turnover, and Powerheads for the Reef Tank, Part 2

    Part 2 of our beginner article on flow, tank turnover, and powerheads. In this piece we talk about what are the differences between different powerhead brands.
  12. Introduction to Flow, Tank Turnover, and Powerheads for the Reef Tank, Part 1

    A beginner foray into flow, tank turnover, and powerheads for the beginning reefer.
  13. Kenya's Ornamental Marine Fish Trade

    The current state of the ornamental marine fish trade is of interest to all of us. Here's how it works off of east Africa.
  14. Profile of a Reef Aquarist (#4)

    Most reef aquarists start out aiming for a mixed reef. They hope to have a few soft corals and then graduate to LPS and SPS corals. But not everyone thinks that way. Here's an aquarist with a totally different reef tank.
  15. Fish and Music

    Have you ever wondered what effect music has on fish? The article explores the current research.
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    Ammonia & Your Tank's Own Nitrogen Cycle

    Understanding the role of ammonia in your saltwater tank's nitrogen cycle.
  17. Feeding Routines

    A sampler of forum members' feeding habits for their reefs. An interesting read.
  18. The Benefits of Taking Careful Notes

    Taking notes on what you do is a big plus when you are caring for a saltwater aquarium. Here's how the professionals do it.
  19. Book Review--Deep by James Nestor

    Here is a book review of James Nestor's book, Deep, a gripping journey into the world of freediving.
  20. WHAT IF I TOLD YOU... Rehabilitation is the most important reason for quarantining?

    A long-forgotten reason for quarantining fish? Isn't quarantining all about disease control? You mean there are more benefits to quarantining?!? Let's also try a case study of a low-stress quarantine strategy.
  21. WHAT IF I TOLD YOU... Ammonia is causing your algae problems?

    An easy-to-follow algae outbreak control strategy that can help you resposibly eliminate your algae outbreak.
  22. 15 Steps to Starting a Saltwater Aquarium: The Lasse Method

    Read about one man's philosophy of and instructions for setting up a saltwater tank.
  23. Shellfish Poisoning Syndromes Part 2

    Part 2 of the Shellfish Poisoning Syndromes article.
  24. Shellfish Poisoning Syndromes Part 1

    Read about the most common Shellfish Poisoning Syndromes, and how and why we get sick from eating shellfish.
  25. Snorkeling in the Florida Keys

    An introduction to snorkeling in the Florida Keys written by someone who has been doing it for years.