1. Captivating Crustaceans: Crabs for the Reef Tank

    An introduction to crabs that you may or may not want in your reef tank.
  2. Best in Shell: Snails for the Reef Aquarium

    Here's a rundown on the most common snails in the reef aquarium trade and others that might accidentally find their way into your aquarium: the recommended ones and the not-so-recommended ones.
  3. Breeding Peppermint Shrimp

    How to breed peppermint shrimp, Lysmata wurdemanni.
  4. Why Starfish or Sea Stars Are Cool

    A beginner look into starfish or sea stars written by a marine biologist.
  5. Anemones and why you should wait.

    Anemones and Why You Should Wait When is the proper time to add an anemone to your tank? Right away? 1 month? 4 months? WHAT!? A YEAR YOU SAY!? That is correct. In most instances it is better to wait 8 months to a year before adding an anemone to your tank. And here is why: A tank is first started with rock, sand, and saltwater. That tank needs to cycle before adding any livestock to it. This we all know. But what you may not know is even after your cycle has completed your tank is going...
  6. Feather Dusters – The beauty in the worm

    Ahhh the feather duster. It’s a spectacular sight to see in the home aquarium. The long tube, the soft and wavy “feathers” moving in the current. It’s always cool to watch as it sucks into the tube when a fish gets too close. It is almost as if it senses you nearby or could actually see!
  7. Invert Spotlight: Conch

    The conch is an excellent addition to your clean up crew. They are touted for their skills at cleaning and sifting through your sand bed keeping it healthy and white.
  8. How to Quarantine Coral and Inverts

    Operating a coral and invert QT can be lifesaving, reef saving and money saving in the long run. Going through the trouble to quarantine your fish and be sure there are no diseases in your tank is great but can still result in disaster without also running the rest of your livestock through QT as well.
  9. The Mysterious Chambered Nautilus

    While not actually a “living fossil” it is a creature that has been around since the dinosaurs with subtle changes in it’s DNA along the way. In person, this cephalopod certainly looks like something out of prehistoric times. In my mind, I always saw them as a cross between a cuttlefish and a snail.
  10. Choosing Cleanup Crew Critters.

    Cleanup Crew. Tank Janitors. Tank Cleaners. Functionally, it means the same thing to every hobbyist…. inverts added to your tank to keep it nice and sparkly. It’s a necessity (Well, not an absolute necessity) Everyone has one. But, if you ask those people what critters to include, and how many…. you’ll get many MANY different answers. So, Great!~ Renee is going to tell you exactly how to stock your tank. Naw! You knew it wasn’t going to be that easy. I hope to give you some things to...
  11. Anemone Compatibility Spreadsheet!

    Hello Everyone! After much help from our fellow reefers and the rest of the reefing communities around the world, I was able to compile an Anemone Compatibility Sheet! This Sheet Addresses the Following: Which Anemones can be housed and touch in an aquarium (listed with √) Which Anemones can NOT touch each other (and is not recommended to be housed together either) (listed with X) And here is the most up to date draft Special Thanks To: @ja4207 @Nemguy123 @Psiber_Syn @DeepSeaPhilosopher...
  12. Reef Crabs: Not Someone Who Complains About The Holidays!

    Crabs are an essential part of the Red Lobster menu, but they play an even more important role in quite the opposite way in the wild and even your aquarium. Some types of crabs are pure evil when it comes to reef friendliness, but others are amazingly beneficial. Some crabs even rely on the well being of certain corals to thrive. When you want crabs, get the kind that won’t irritate you. You will frequently get hitch hiker crabs that you will have to deal with before you add what they...
  13. Quicker Than A Ray Of Light (The Sunburst Anemone)

    No, I am not talking about Madonna! The Sunburst Anemone is much more interesting, at least more family friendly! This anemone was actually created in Colorado, not the sea! It is a strain of Ectacmaea Quadricolor, but not your every day rose. This bad boy is ORANGE! There is another anemone in the sea that lives off the California coast that is a whole other monster and should not be confused with the Bubble Tipped version. sunburst bubble tipped anemone image via reef2reef member...
  14. The Cuttlefish: Strangest Cephalapod In The Sea

    This is one of the strangest cephalapods in the sea. They resemble a squid or an octopus but also resemble a fish from another dimension. Another interesting fact about these invertebrates is that they are not native to the United States. The cuttlefish has been purely an import species until recent advances in breeding. Still, the cuttlefish’s majority is imported until a large enough cephalapod farm is built. Most of the specimens you will see have traveled across the globe and may have a...
  15. The Emperor’s Shrimp (Periclimenes Imperator)

    One of the coolest thing about this hobby is its diversity in tank inhabitants. This is sadly its biggest problem as well. Due the the immense diversity, we have so many animals to choose from that we cannot know every fact about them all, which leads to purchasing something that may either kill everything or be killed. A great example of this is the Emperor’s Shrimp. These are very particular animals and have very specific living requirement.
  16. Cephalopod Basic Care

    Cephalopods are a very interesting family of mollusks. They can change color and texture in the blink of an eye, spray ink at the face of predators, and eat things three times their size. There are four living cephalopod groups - Nautilus, Squid, Cuttlefish, and Octopus. Of those four, cuttlefish and octopuses are most suited for aquarium life. Cephalopods are naturally short-lived. Their lifespans are governed by the species' maximum size and surrounding water temperature. Aquarium-friendly...