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Here we feature beautiful reefs from our members at Reef2Reef.

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    R2R Reef Spotlight: PongPit's Amazing SPS Nano Reef

    Nano reef tanks are my favorite, so I decided to start from there. As a novice, some easy LPS were my first choices. At the same time, I put some SPS frags in, and my plan was remove the LPS gradually after the frags becoming bigger. Luckily, it worked. I finally had a nano reef tank with SPS mainly.
  2. R2R Reef of the Month: Elder1945 - An Innovative Reefer's Spotlight - July 2018

    I want to start this month's article by saying that this month's feature is a bit different. Where we normally feature a particular noteworthy reef for our Reef of the Month Spotlight, this month, we have decided to spotlight an innovative reefer and show off 2 of his current systems (he has 3 going at present). @Elder1945 is an extremely creative reefer, and we are glad to share his systems with you! Be sure to follow his builds and other innovative projects as he shares them with our...
  3. R2R Reef of the Month: Steve's 410-gallon SPS Reef - May 2018

    My current system is a 410-gallon reef tank featuring mostly SPS corals. I designed the tank room when we built our current home. I wanted the tank to be the main feature when you walked in our front door so the side of the tank can be seen as soon as you enter the house. The tank is three feet wide by eight feet long. It’s always fun to see people’s reactions when they walk in. I have had several delivery guys ask if they could come in and check out the tank.
  4. R2R Reef of the Month: Fadi's 180-gallon SPS Reef - April 2018

    My Name is Fadi Abu Tahoun. I am from Jordan and currently live in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia. My thanks to Reef2Reef for featuring my tank as Reef of the Month spotlight. I am in love in Acropora corals and Angelfish, and I always wanted to make a reef tank that has them all. Keeping a reef here in this part of world is not an easy task. All of my equipment is bought and shipped from the USA to Saudi Arabia, and for live stock I have had to travel and drive more than a thousand miles to nearby...
  5. R2R Reef of the Month: Joe's 270-gallon SPS Reef - March 2018

    A big thank you to Reef2Reef for choosing my tank for their Spotlight. This tank is going into its 10th year so this spotlight is really appreciated, even more so that this is the 2nd version of this tank. The first crashed after a nasty bryopsis infestation led me to discover that an invasive sponge got into my tank and eventually forced me to remove my coral and rocks. Then a series of crashes set me back. I was thinking at one point I would have to break the whole tank down and start from...
  6. R2R Reef of the Month Spotlight: Rob's 300g Deep Dimension - January 2018

    I have been in the reefing hobby since 1996 close to 22 yrs. I've had freshwater aquariums since I was 7 yrs old, so I'm considered an old hand and pretty much a lifer. No breaks by the way, always had a tank running. This tank has been up and running since 2013 upgraded from a 185g which I had for 9 years prior. I've had about 3 reboots due to too much growth, which is a good problem and keeps my love of this hobby interesting and what I consider a piece of art that's always changing.
  7. A R2R Reef Spotlight: Bring the Reef Home By Joseph Chi

    There is no doubt that keeping a reef tank at home isn’t the cheapest hobby, nor is it effortless. However, a reef tank at home brings so many wonderful things to our lives. My name is Joseph Chi. In 2004, I owned my first marine tank in California. Now, after buying my first house in Taiwan, I’m maintaining my second SPS dominated tank. This tank has been up and running since January 2, 2015. This tank, like life, has had its many ups and downs. You can find its progress video here:
  8. R2R Reef of the Month Spotlight: Anton Post's Dutch Reef - August 2017

    Hi! My name is Anton Post and I’m a 29 year old guy from the Netherlands that got into reef tanks three years ago. I’m currently keeping a Red Sea Reefer 525 that has been running since January 2016. I’m very honored to be featured in this month’s Reef of the Month article on R2R! I hope you enjoy the article and pictures. If you have any additional questions please feel free to ask in the tank thread!
  9. R2R Reef of the Month Spotlight: Mark's Rimless NPS Paradise - May 2017

    SPS corals were my passion until I got my first dendro and sun coral. I researched as much as I could about them, and finally last year after moving into my new home, I was able to set up a tank dedicated only to NPS corals and deepwater fish. I am totally in shock , having my second tank nominated as ROTM 6 years later, and I am especially proud of this one, as most ROTM are still SPS tanks and most people view them as the pinnacle of reefing. I hope this will bring more awareness about the...
  10. R2R Reef of the Month Spotlight: Tamama - April 2017

    Keeping SPS in an aquarium is nerve wracking, and yet extremely exciting and fulfilling when you appreciate and enjoy the ups and downs of the hobby. I am glad that my tank can be featured in this forum that may help inspire hobbyists to join in the fun.
  11. R2R Reef of the Month Spotlight: Broadfield - March 2017

    I first want to introduce myself. My name is Toby Broadfield and I am from Normal, Illinois. My overall goal for this setup was to be ultra organized with the equipment, make water changes a breeze (no more buckets), have somewhat of a minimalistic rock scape, and have a stunning display without spending a treasure chest of money on expensive corals. I think I have achieved my initial goals, but there’s always room for improvement. I have kept to my plan of not buying any rare/expensive...
  12. R2R Reef of the Month Spotlight: Júnio Melo - February 2017

    My name is Júnio Melo, and I am from Brazil. When I was a kid, I asked my mom for a puppy and she gave me a goldfish. She couldn’t imagine the monster she had awakened! In a short period, our apartment was housing 5 comunitary freshwater tanks. I had always dreamed of owning a saltwater tank, and that dream came true in 2005 after graduating and getting married. My wife is a sea lover as much as I am (we are both divers) and has always supported me in these 12 years of saltwater tank...
  13. R2R Reef of the Month Spotlight: Renton777 - January 2017

    This month, R2R is pleased to feature the reef of Nathan Gist (Renton 777). This 200-gallon tank was set up in September of 2012. Now that tank is absolutely packed to the brim with corals with an 80-gallon frag tank to go along with it. Definitely check out this thriving reef!
  14. R2R Tank of the Month Spotlight: Stylaster - December 2016

    I started this hobby in 1990. Back then I had a 60-gallon system with metal halide lighting and a down draft skimmer. It’s amazing how much technology has changed in the past 26 years! There is a lot more automation now then there use to be and a lot more availability of hardware and livestock. I’m glad to see the hobby has progressed so much over the years. My current system is a 312-gallon acrylic tank (5’x5’x20”) running the berlin method without a sand bed in the system...
  15. The 650l Reef Tank of Pawel Szember

    My name is Pawel Szember and I’m from Poland. First of all I’d like to mention that it is a great pleasure and honor for me to be able to share some of my thoughts and passion to such a large audience.
  16. Dr. Joshi’s 500 Gallon SPS dominated mixed reef

    If you are a reef hobbyist, chances are that you are familiar with the legendary Dr. Joshi. Featured by almost, if not every, reef-keeping print publication, online blog and forum for his coral keeping ability, a quick Google search will reveal his legacy as well as pictures of his beautiful tank.
  17. June 2016 R2R Tank Spotlight: Oldude

    My name is Greg Timms - AKA Oldude & like so many others I had kept freshwater aquariums for many years before I got into the marine hobby in 2004. My first SW tank was a 130 gallon which I out grew within a few years. In late 2008, I had a new tank custom built on site with dimensions of 96" wide x 36" deep and 27" tall that works out to about 404 US gallons. I used a taller stand than I had on my previous tank because since I was usually standing when looking at the reef, I was having to...
  18. Reef2Reef Tank Spotlight July 2015: BobbyM

    Reef2Reef Tank Spotlight July 2015: Bobby Melton (BobbyM) Tank Thread: [URL][/URL] First, I want to say that I am so honored to receive Tank of the month here on Reef2Reef. I have always dreamed of one day winning an honor like this since the early days of aquarium forums. My name is Bobby Melton. I started my first aquarium with the help of my mother at the age of six. Back then, I would catch fish at the lake, bring them up to the house and...
  19. November 2014 R2R Tank of the Month Spotlight: Paul B

    Member Tank Thread: [URL][/URL] I am honored that Reef 2 Reef would feature my reef this month. It is not the nicest looking reef and it does not have wall to wall corals. It's just a tank that has evolved over time to look like it looks. My family owned a sea food business so I grew up with fish. Mostly dead fish but since I spent so much time with fish, it was normal that I should keep them alive. I started my...
  20. October 2014 R2R Tank of the Month Spotlight: TJ's Reef

    My 125g Mixed Reef Build Thread:[URL][/URL] I'm an 'Old Salt' getting my feet wet in SW around 1979 and into my first 'Reeftank' in March of 1982 after meeting Martin Moe Jr. at a conference. Was working at a LFS in the Seattle area as an Assistant Store Manager and had several hundred gallons of mostly FW Discus, S.A. Apistogramma species and Lake Tanganyika African Chiclids breeding them for a handful of LFS's at that...
  21. September 2014 R2R Tank Spotlight: TinPanVa

    TinPanVa’s Geeked Out & Modified 29 BioCube R2R Build Thread INTRODUCTION: Howdy Fellow Reefers!! Let me just start by saying Thank You & Kudos to R2R for the spotlighting my little Nano-Reef. My name is Paul and I’ve had this BioCube up and running just over 2 years now. The first drop of water went in July 16, 2012 and boy oh boy has it been a ride ever since! It all started back in the late 70’s and early 80’s when my dad went from having 3 or 4 freshwater setups running to the first...
  22. August 2014 R2R Tank Spotlight: Siptang

    Member Tank Thread: [URL][/URL] Introduction: My name is Richard, and I started keeping fish since I was very young by helping my grandmother take care of her multiple small fresh water tanks. I got back into the hobby in college after getting a recommendation from a therapist that it's good for calming my nerves and that it will help me relax and possibly sleep better at night. I kept a fish only tank for many years,...
  23. July 2014 R2R Tank Spotlight: jourdy

    My current display tank is a zoas/LPS-dominated custom 90-gallon all glass aquarium with the dimensions of 48 x 24” x 18”. My stand is custom made by a friend and me. It’s nothing special – basically just something to place my tank on with no regards to aesthetics. After all, I was more concerned about what’s inside the tank.
  24. June 2014 R2R Spotlight: GlennF

    June 2014 R2R Spotlight: GlennF [URL][/URL] My name in Glenn Fong , from the Netherlands and I live in Rotterdam. All my life I have been keeping all kinds of fresh water aquariums,that was until I was infected with the saltwater virus . My current tank is 250x80x70cm(60cm WH) and was built in 1994. Until December 2004, it was a fresh water tank inhabited with Malawi cichlids. In Dec 2004, I drilled a hole...
  25. May 2014 R2R Spotlight: ritter6788

    My name is Gabriel Ritter. Staring at my tank everyday I sometimes only see the bad and not the good so to have peers mention my tank for the spotlight is a huge honor. I got started in this hobby 6 years ago. I've had small freshwater tanks off and on since I can remember. I kept a 45 gallon with freshwater Cichlids for 7 years while only browsing the saltwater section at the pet store and hoping one day to be able to keep such amazing fish. One day I came home to a heater malfunction that...
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