Dinoflagelates. A disruptive treatment

Pros: No need to buy anything expensive. Simple to follow. Quick result(1-2 weeks).
Cons: Need to keep track of NO3 and PO4 daily for the duration of the treatment. I made sure those two parameters don't go to 0.
Just like you use CUC to clean algae and unwanted pests, this article talks about using beneficial bacteria to fight the dinoflagellates. I have a mixed reef and none of the corals shows any negative symptoms. After all, this is just doing carbon dosing.
Thank you! This article helped me finally defeat the dinos after months of warfare! Used the Red Sea NO3 : PO4-X as instructed along with occasional additions of Brightwell's MicroBactor 7 to get 95% there and then finally, 1 dose of DinoX (smaller than recommended) finished them off.
This article probably saved my tank as I was almost to the point of giving up. Can't express the appreciation I truly feel.
Pros: It worked to beat dinos in my tank. Carbon dosed at night, added bottled bacteria throughout the week as well as AF life source weekly. Weekly cleaning of the aquarium including blowing dinos off rocks and sand bed. Dramatic difference in first two weeks and dinos eradicated in 6 weeks. Also good control over all algae’s now. LR looks nice and clean now.
Cons: A lot of bacteria grows in the system so requires good skimming and regular cleaning of filter socks and filter pad I keep on top. Probably clean the pad and socks a few times per week but my tank looks great.
Would recommend this method for nutrient control and keeping aquarium clean. I’m using 2 parts vinegar and 1 part vodka.
Pros: Un gran artículo que resuelve una de las plagas más pesadas.
Un gran Artículo que ha resuelto un pesado problema para todos. Bien documentado y valioso.
Pros: References test tanks
Helpful information since I am battling dinos. I wish the article discussed the different varieties of dinos. I would also ask if other carbon sources such as Brightwell Biofuel would have a similar effect
Just the information I was looking for. Great article!
very informative thank you