Florida Frag Swap MOSI Feb 2017

This year on February 3rd 2017 the reefing community will gather together at a Floridian coral aquarium show that has become a reef hobbyist holiday. Located across from the University of South Florida at the Museum of Science and Industry (Mosi) will host the Florida Frag Swap’s 3rd annual reef show. Florida’s abundant reefing community will explore their favorite coral vendors from across the state and have theopportunity to sample corals from visiting west coast vendors. Amongst the coral vendors your aquarium interest maybe in forupgrades or dry goods. Satisfy this curiosity by meeting the leaders in reef industry supplements, hardware and aquarium supply. Alkalinity, calcium and magnesium needs will be met by ME corals, Seachem, Frtiz, Continuum and Dirks The Realreefing store. Vendors such as Neptune systems will be attending this year’s event to help everyone take control of their aquarium monitoring and wireless application needs. Chat with Coral Morphologic about their efforts to restore our Florida reefs and then own your own Caribbean vice zoa. Then feed your reef with Aquaholic Aquaculture various live phytoplankton.

Admire the coral stock of each vendor for one of a kind gems. When you leave you’ll have to rearrange your aquascape to fit each guilty coral pleasure into your reef. The selections from over 20 coral vendors will satisfy LPS, SPS and softie enthusiasts. Beyond incredible coral selection at this swap.

Expect to meet other reef hobbyist, exchange reefing tips and compete each other for the best raffle prizes. Thank Reef2Reef, Exotic Sealife, ME corals, Central Florida Aquarium Society, Reef Hobbyist magazine, LRS Frenzy Food, Coral Frenzy, Two Guy Corals, The Alternative Reef, Reef Pro, Bulk Reef supply, Hydor, Dr.Tim’s Aquatics, Rod’s Food, World Wide Corals and Reef Nutrition for sponsoring the FLFragSwap and their raffle prizes. Also numerous vendor raffle prizes will overwhelm you at the front door. So buy your raffle tickets at the front door and maybe a couple extra for good luck.

The FL Frag Swap is the reefing getaway for you, friends and family. Explore Mosi, since the museum offers an outdoor Skytrail where your kids or the kid in you can climb above the building overlooking University of South Florida and the museum. Read about the adventures in aviation, ride a roller coaster simulator or experience the Imax theatre which immerses you into a screening adventure. Free Mosi passes will be given to the earliest attendees. Don’t miss out!

Stay the weekend in Tampa and use the following day forbreathe taing roller coasters and animals of wild Africa at Busch Gardens. Visit the Rising Tide exhibit at Busch Gardens which houses a 270 galloon marine tank of aquacultured reef fish. Don’t just read about it but see the accomplishments of Rising Tide’s fish rearing success.

Article by: David Miguel Lemus @neuwave
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