What if I told you that some of the best YouTubers and industry giants from around the country were joining forces to bring you an aquatic festival experience unlike any other!? This August in Chicago, join CoralFish12G, YouTubers from around the world, Reef2Reef, and some of the most well-known names in both saltwater AND freshwater aquatics for 2 days of full-throttle fun and excitement.


Bringing Together Saltwater and Freshwater
Aquashella will feature a showroom floor of 80+ vendors (40 saltwater and 40 freshwater). The official lineup will be released on Monday, April 23rd and will feature the best vendors from both sides of the aquarium industry. Additionally, they’re bringing in experts who will give practical presentations that will give you tools for your aquarium hobby that you can use right now. Also, you’ll enjoy live demonstrations like an aquascaping showdown between experts on both sides of the salt bucket. This will be an experience of aquatic overload that’s sure to blow your mind and be fun for the whole family!

Artistry + Aquatics = Immersion into an
Unforgettable Underwater Universe!


The showroom is going to literally be transformed into an environment like nothing you’ve ever seen. Artists from around the nation are coming together to turn the entire show into an electrifying visual experience that merges aquatic life and stunning art. Featuring live music, amazing sculptures, and stunning designs and paintings, Aquashella will blow you away with artistic sensation!

This is one event that you don’t want to just hear about! So make your plans NOW to join in the excitement on August 18-19 in Chicago! Electric attire highly recommended! Click HERE for more information.