Is this an Eclectus or Jawbreaker? The Sand Bar Coral Farms Discoma Giveaway!

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The Sand Bar Coral Farms Eclectus Plus Giveaway!
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Over $1900 in prizes including this beautiful discoma mushroom!

Sand Bar Coral Farms is a family owned and operated business located in Mission Viejo, CA, specializing in rare, hard-to-source corals as well as the familiar favorites. Their stock of happy, healthy, and sustainably sourced corals, clams, and invertebrates are meticulously cared for using automated monitoring systems and protocols that allow them to produce consistent stock and set up safe quarantines when needed.

Owners Eric and Darby Perry are proud of their efforts to educate people about reef aquarium husbandry at Sand Bar Coral Farms and through their online forum on Reef2Reef. The farm offers a wide range of free educational workshops to suit beginners and experts. The Sand Bar Coral Farms forum on Reef2Reef is home to helpful dedicated fraggers and enthusiastic noobs who share their knowledge, experiences, and of course, photos of their beloved polyps.

Sand Bar Coral Farms is introducing the Sand Dollar Standard[link to white paper]and The Collective[link to white paper] to the coral aquaculture community. For this project, Eric and Darby have brought aboard Drew Waterhouse, who is using his expertise in technology, business and sales to take these ideas online with a new e-commerce outlet and an online community for coral enthusiasts.

How to Enter:

OFFICIAL ENTRY: You must subscribe to the contest email list here: Click here to subscribe

Bonus Entry #1: Check out Sand Bar Coral Farms Website and then post back in this thread something you like about it or a coral you might like to own from there. Click here

Bonus Entry #2: LIKE the Sand Bar Coral Farms Facebook Page Here.

Bonus Entry #3: FOLLOW the Sand Bar Coral Farms Instagram Page Here.

Bonus Entry #4: Answer the following question in a post within this thread! Is the prize mushroom an Eclectus or a Jawbreaker?

*Once you have completed your entries you will need to create separate posts in this thread stating that you completed each one. A total of four (5) entries are possible so you would have four (5) separate posts if you completed all entries. Winner will be subject to verifying that the requirements were met in a timely manner.

The Prizes and Drawings:
There will be a total 14 prizes given away throughout the 4 weeks the contest runs.
Week 1 (04/06)
- A $250 Frag Pack (Includes Shipping) and (2) $50 Gift Certificate Winners
Week 2 (04/13) - A $250 Frag Pack (Includes Shipping) and (2) $50 Gift Certificate Winners
Week 3 (04/20) - A $250 Frag Pack (Includes Shipping) and (2) $50 Gift Certificate Winners
Week 4 (04/27) - Grand Prize Discosoma Mushroom valued at over $650 and (4) $50 Gift Certificate Winners


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