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Good day Reef Family! I am looking to promote R2R in a little different way and I was hoping for your help! If you wouldn't mind I would love to have you take a photo of yourself or your family with your reef tank! I would also like you to hold up a piece of paper or something that reads #Reef2Reef and #ReefFamily within the photo.

If you will participate then you will be entered to win a $250 Gift Certificate to the R2R Sponsor of your choice!

Here is how to officially enter:

1. Take an individual or family photo in front of your reef or saltwater aquarium.

2. Make sure your photo includes a sign with the hashtags #Reef2Reef and #ReefFamily.

3. Tag your favorite R2R Sponsor where you would spend your $250 with!

All of the above must be included in ONE post within this thread. :)

*We may or may not use your photo(s) in some marketing material in the future.
*Winner will be chosen by random draw from this thread on June 15th.

Thank you!
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