Reef Spotlight REEF OF THE MONTH - March 2022: Roberto Denadai's Beautiful 80-gallon SPS Reef

Pros: clean, neat, museum like
Cons: needs more fish ;-)
Visually Stunning
Awesome tank !
Pros: Colours so incredibly vibrant
Cons: Not crazy about the bare bottom.
Great colours, but the most amazing line I read was that your tang is 10 years old!!! Many, many congrats. And we won't tell him/her he isn't your fave!!
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Pros: Well written, lots of details
Cons: None
Excellent article, beautiful tank and very informative on how such a beautiful tank has been successfully kept. Love the amount of growth on the sticks in such a short amount of time!
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Pros: simple and wonderful aquarium
Cons: no
Denadai always help the other aquarists and try to show that it should not be complicate to keep a reef aquarium, of course the technology is here to help us but the technology don´t make your aquarium better or worst but it is a not mandatory tool. Thanks Denadai for your support for all Brazilian aquarists.
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Pros: Simplesmente reef perfect
Cons: Nada a declarar
Realmente um dos aquários mais lindos que já vi.
Acompanho o @Roberto Denadai a um tempo e evolução desse recife dele aprendi muito com ele e suas dicas.
Hoje levo o aquarismo de forma mais fácil e controlada.

Parabéns pelo reconhecimento merecido!!
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Pros: Just one of a kind tank and reefer
Easily one of the World’s most talented reefers. He created many one of a kind tanks and this is just one of his masterpieces.