Reefing Topics and YOU! Participate and get entered to win $100 cash!

We're trying to figure out how to "procure" the best reefing topics and engage our members, social media fans, email subscribers etc. and was wondering if we might get some help from you by answering a few of these questions for us?

If you will answer the following questions by responding here with the answers we will enter you to win a $100 cash prize when this thread reaches it's end in about 30 days.

1. What type of things/subjects do you personally like to create new threads/topics about on R2R?

2. What type of threads/topics from others makes you want to respond to them?

3. What types of things could R2R do to motivate you to be more active creating threads or responding to threads?

BONUS: Go to your profile and choose the option for what state or country you live in near the middle of the page here:

Make one post where you answer the THREE questions. Then create one more post letting us know that you completed the bonus entry. You can have a total of TWO entries (2 Posts) in this thread. A winner will be subject to verification that the entry was completed according to the rules.

Thank you for the help and best of luck!
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