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Somatic Filtration System Giveaway

The Somatic 60 Filtration System is the perfect sump for cube tanks or other nano-systems that require a well thought out modular sump system. With modular add-on components like the Return Pump Basket or the Filter Sock Holder you can customize the sump with the accessories that you need and are purpose built components that will fit perfectly within the 60 Filtration System. By just adding your favorite return pump and heater you will have a ready-to-run sump system.

How to Enter:

You may complete one of the following entry methods or complete them all for multiple entries!

1. LIKE the Somatic Aquaristik Here

2. Check out the Somatic 60s Skimmer and Sump Filtration System product page and tell us what features you like about this product as a post in this thread.

3. Check out the other Somatic Products and post a link in this thread to one of the products you might like to try in the future.

*Once you have completed your entries you will have created a post in this thread for each one. A total of three (3) entries are possible so you would have three (3) separate posts if you completed all entries. Winner will be subject to verifying that the requirements were met in a timely manner.

The Prize:

The winner will receive a Somatic 60s Skimmer and Sump Filtration System shipped to your door and will include the following:

60 Filtration System
60s Space Saving Protein Skimmer
60 Return Pump Basket
60 Return Pump Basket Filter
60 Filter Sock Holder
60 Filtration Drain Cover

And a choice between the following:

60 Double Stack Dosing Vessel
60 Triple Stack Dosing Vessel

Total MSRP value- $576.92

Somatic 60 Filtration System

    • Sump and Skimmer Combination
    • 40-120 Gallons Filtration Capacity
    • Optimal: 60 Gallons (high bio-load)
    • Modular Sump that can easily be upgraded to include the following options
      • Filter Sock Holder
      • Dosing Containers
      • Auto Top Off with mechanical control
      • Drain Cover
      • Dosing Line Holder
      • Sensor Holder
    • Add your preferred return pump and you’re all set
    • Solid cast acrylic and PVC construction
    • Custom, Sicce based high performance Italian skimmer pump
    • Easy removal collection cup
    • Easy to disassemble and clean Venturi
    • Rubber dampeners for noise reduction
    • All parts can be disassembled for ease of maintenance
    • Designed in Germany
Technical Data:

    • Grade II Titanium Screws / Corrosion Resistant
    • Silicone O-Rings
    • Silicone Air-Tube
    • Skimmer Chamber: 6” Diameter
    • Skimmer Pump: 120V, 60Hz – ~ 23W
    • Air Draw: 400 to 600 LPH
    • Sump Dimensions: ~ 16.5” * 16.5” * 12.5” (Width, Length, Height)



Thanks again to Vertex Technologies for this awesome giveaway!

*Please note the contest is open until September 14th*