Testing the Big 3 Parameters

I’ve been waiting for Aquaforest tests for a long time, and I very excited that the new Aquaforest tests are out now.

One of the things I like about these tests is that they are laboratory certified. My confidence level with these tests are higher than most. I wanted to see how the Aquaforest tests compare to Hanna checkers, Red Sea, and ELOS. On a side note, I purchased all of these tests used.

Aquaforest has some classy videos along with Red Sea, Hanna, and ELOS. ELOS wins for music. I have provided links below for the videos from each of the companies tested. The reason for shooting videos, is that I wanted to show a hobbyist doing the tests. I do have some fancy stuff for testing but no lab coat.




Red Sea

The first test is the calcium test.
The second test is the magnesium test.
In the final test will be the alkalinity test.

My findings are that the Aquaforest, Hanna, and ELOS are very close and consistent in testing.

I messed around with the kits and found that Aquaforest and ELOS are right there with my Hanna checkers on Ca and alkalinity. I have a Red Sea Mg test kit and compared the test with the Aquaforest Mg. I kind of lost faith in the Red Sea kits because the alkalinity test has not been testing alkalinity consistently in the past 6 months even with new reagents. The Red Sea Mg has been a little weird too. The Red Sea Ca has been testing lower Than the Hanna and the Aquaforest test kit.

Here are the number as they were tested.
Comparson 08-30-17 dashbord Apex.PNG

I also tested the Aquaforest test kit sample water using the other kits with what sample water I had. I did speed these videos up a tad. You will notice that some of the numbers are all over the place. Kind of the reason that I am a two test kit person with the big 3 going forward.

Sample water Ca
Sample water Mg
Sample water Alk
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