The 650l Reef Tank of Pawel Szember

My name is Pawel Szember and I’m from Poland. First of all I’d like to mention that it is a great pleasure and honor for me to be able to share...
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    The 650l Reef Tank of Pawel Szember


    My name is Pawel Szember and I’m from Poland. First of all I’d like to mention that it is a great pleasure and honor for me to be able to share some of my thoughts and passion to such a large audience.

    At my parents’ home we always had some freshwater tanks but surprisingly when I was a child I’ve never had any interest in that hobby. I’ve started my first freshwater tanks in 2010 and then after 2 years after a family vacation when I had the opportunity to experience a variety of tropical marine world I’ve decided to move into saltwater addiction. My first saltwater tank was 800l (210 US-gallon) and after 3 years it became so overgrown by corals that I’ve upgraded to a larger 1400l ( 370 US-gallon) one. At first it looked like a good decision but after a year of struggling with high maintenance costs, lack of time and generally the fact that my tank was too big for the room I’ve downgraded it to the smallest tank I’ve ever had - 650l (172 US-gallons). This is probably the best decision I’ve made so far – new tank is easy to maintain, cost effective and since I’ve had already some experience from my previous tanks it is the best of my designs when it comes to dimensions, water flow and general ease of usage.


    System Profile:
    • Display tank: 650l (approx. 172gal) 160x75x55cm ( approx. 63x30x22 inch) – Optiwhite glass, blue background
    • Stand: stainless steel stand from my first 800l tank (lowered a bit from original)
    • Sump: 150x60x45 cm (60x24x18 inch)- in a separate room just behind a wall
    • Frag tank: 150x50x25cm (60x20x10 inch)
    • Protein skimmer: Bubble King 300 Deluxe
    • Carbon/phosphate filtration: 700ml of KZ carbon in a nylon bag changed every 30 days.
    • Return pump: Red Dragon 12000
    • Water circulation: 5x tunze 6105 (4x in display, 1 in wavebox) controlled by Profilux
    • Lighting (display): ATI Powermodule 10x80W T5
    • Lighting (frags): ATI Powermodule 4x54W T5
    • Calcium/alkalinity/magnesium dosing: Calcium Reactor with Knopp media inside
    • Auto top-off: RO/DI direct to sump controlled by profilux (2 sensors)
    • Heating/cooling: 300W heater, Teco TR20 cooling
    • System control: Profilux
    • Reactors : Manual reactor with 1.5l of KZ Zeolite stones
    Water Circulation and Flow Summary and Objectives:

    I’m a big fan of strong water circulation in a SPS tank. My objective is to distribute the flow around the whole tank yet avoiding direct strong flow into the corals tissue in order not to stress or damage them unnecessarily.

    Water Parameters:
    • Temp: 25-27C (profilux)
    • pH: 8-8.3 (profilux)
    • Specific gravity: 1026 (profilux)
    • NO3: 0.2 (Salifert)
    • Ca: 410 (Salifert)
    • Alk: 6.7 (Salifert)
    • Mg: 1320 (Salifert)
    • PO4: 0.00 (Hanna low range)


    Lighting Summary and Objectives:

    Best effects that I got came always from T5 bulbs. I’ve had a LED fixture for about a year at first but in my opinion switching to T5 gave my corals a real boost when it comes to color. I don’t want to start an argue what is the best light source – HQI, LED od T5’s – it is a matter of private opinion - you could probably have success with any of them and you should use ones that fits you best.

    In all my tanks I’ve used Ati Powermodule fixtures – in current one I have 10x80W (display) and 4x54W (frag tank) both non-dimmable. I don’t have any type of moonlight lighting.

    • Display tank: 12h of 2 blue bulbs, 8h of full 10 bulbs
    • Frag tank: 8h of full light

    Filtration and Water Quality Summary and Objectives:

    Since I aim for an ULNS system KZ’s Zeovite method is my weapon of choice in this tank. I use variety of their products and I dose them roughly according to the manual with some my own changes according to look of the corals inside the tank.

    Calcium/Alkalinity/Magnesium Summary and Objectives:

    As mention above I use a calcium reactor and the only parameter I test on a daily basis is alk. Over all these years I’ve never had any need to manually correct Ca or Mg – in my tank I’m sure that if Alk is in place so there must be also Ca and Mg.

    30243837366_bfe091380f_o.jpg 30243841146_729b6a0d18_o.jpg 30243842636_6fed595585_o.jpg 30243844406_75ae8bc9e9_o.jpg

    Tank Inhabitants—Fish:
    • Acanthurus leucosternon
    • Zebrasoma flavescens
    • Chelmon rostratus
    • Nemateleotris decora
    • Pseudanthias tuka x4
    • Synchiropus splendidus – x2
    • Pseudochromis fridmani – x2
    • Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
    • Halichoeres melanurus
    • Halichoeres chloropterus
    • Valenciennea puellaris


    30229068595_918490d363_o.jpg 30229069365_e623463ac8_o.jpg


    Tank Inhabitants— Corals:

    Almost all of them are Acroporas – only a few exceptions like Duncanopsammia axifuga, one rainbow montipora or porites



    29547858183_5d2ecfa7d4_o.jpg 29547862853_c57cc688f6_o.jpg
    29547872743_2501101b2f_o.jpg 29547943593_93be92e3ec_o.jpg 29547945053_329457c2f2_o.jpg 29547946633_4e4fb0c904_o.jpg 29548043904_b5b39f9630_o.jpg 29548060154_a624d53b11_o.jpg 29548065924_669f6dfd10_o.jpg 29932833080_b30462e97d_o.jpg 30062375372_464600bd52_o.jpg 30062390932_c0472fc1da_o.jpg 30062392082_c5d78a0a37_o.jpg 30062397842_097b1322f6_o.jpg 30062399562_ceacd4c02e_o.jpg 30062408412_31bdb23b83_o.jpg 30062409792_bdac65130e_o.jpg 30062410942_407e7d0503_o.jpg 30062412452_621b7f13fc_o.jpg 30062413992_ec12f3f2f3_o.jpg 30062415332_54b9588bd2_o.jpg 30062419422_da4ceedf1b_o.jpg 30142483206_ba87755ee4_o.jpg 30142484506_8aa3ff5157_o.jpg 30177043455_8b2fbe513d_o.jpg 30177044045_223fa3524d_o.jpg 30177045345_ecd955c99a_o.jpg 30177049065_b5b98e39ac_o.jpg
    Who was responsible for getting you into the hobby?

    It’s hard to mention a specific person but probably the most credits should go to my good friends Krzysztof Tryc and Robert K.

    How long have you been reefing?

    It’s been almost 5 years now since I’m addicted to reefing hobby.

    Who or what in the hobby most influences/inspires you?

    Probably one of my good friends mentioned above – Krzysztof Tryc and his beautiful tank.


    What are your future plans for improvement/upgrade of the tank?

    No plans to upgrade at the moment. I hope I finally reach the tank size that I really enjoy. A good balance between time and money needed and a flexibility in keeping the livestock I want.

    Final Thoughts?

    Once again I would like to thank all of R2R staff and users for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to share a little of my marine obsession with you. Special thanks goes to my wonderful daughters (3 of them now) and my beautiful and understanding wife for not divorcing with me while I was rearranging the house back and forth while moving from one tank to the other over the last years.

    And the last but not the least...

    I wish you all the success and happy reefing

    Pawel Szember



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