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Tunze SmartController 7000 Giveaway!

This month we're making it EASY to have many entries! All you have to do is one or more of the following things to qualify to win prize combo:

1. Update your Reef2Reef tank thread this month. (you can update it once a week for 4 total entries) After you update or create the tank thread post the link to your build here in this thread up to 4 times for each week. If you don't have a tank thread then start a new one here: Member Tanks

2. Post a photo of your tank on your Facebook or Instagram account and use these hashtags: #Reef2Reef #Giveaway #Tunze -You can update both your FB and IG account for a double entry.

*Once you have completed the requirements please make a post in this thread that you have done so. If you completed both the Facebook Challenge and Instagram Challenge then you will have 2 posts in this thread to go along with a possible 4 entries for your tank thread. (winner will be subject to prove the requirements were met) There are 6 possible entries.

Winning Prize:
SmartController 7000 shipped to your door ($350 value)
*controller only, optional accessories not included

Control your Tunze pumps, lights, heaters, CO2 system and many other accessories, all through WiFi with The Tunze SmartController 7000. The new controller lets you connect and sync all of your accessories together through a single controller giving you maximum control through individual channels.

WiFi Control

Using the SmartController 7000 can be done through the head unit but additional features will be unlocked when it is connected to the internet and controlled through a smartphone or PC. Connecting to the internet is very simple and you can connect to the SmartController through its own access point or connect it to an existing network letting you control it from anywhere in the world.


The Tunze SmartController 7000 is the ultimate pump and lighting controller for Tunze Turbelle Controllable Pumps. Individually control your stream pumps through 4 separate channels that allow you to customize the overall flow and intervals and wave generator settings. Select channels can be set to sync or anti-sync for standing waves, and increased flow characteristics.

  • Wave Generator
  • Feed Mode
  • Night Mode
  • Storm Mode
  • Interval Mode
  • Sync/AntiSync


Directly drag on a graph or use the controllers head unit interface to customize your Tunze LED lights daily schedule, moonlight settings, and run real-time test and daily cycles.

  • Moonlight Simulation
  • Individual Channel Control
  • Daily Cycle Simulator
  • Seasonal Brightness
  • Sync Multiple Lights

Outlet Control

Set up controllable outlets using the Controlled Power Socket (7070.120) to monitor your heater or chiller and to take action if they ever fall outside of your designated ranges. The outlets can be used for many other applications that can be controlled by the temperature probe.

CO2 and pH Control

The Tunze SmartController 7000 is the perfect calcium reactor controller. With the CO2 Valve Set (7070.00) you can control the flow of CO2 into your reactor with a pH probe that you can customize and set the exact pH you wish to achieve in your reactor.

Temperature Specifications:

Scale - °C or °F

Control Range - 41-122°F

Hysteresis - 0 - 0.3°C

History - 22 Hours (PC or Smartphone Required)

pH Specifications:

pH Range - 1.5 - 12

Hysteresis - +0.02 and -0.05 mV

Temp Compensated - Yes

Controller Specifications:

Dimensions - 5.625" L x 1.5" W x 5.25" H

Controllable Channels - 4

pH Probe Connection - BNC (works with most aquarium based pH probes)

Control In/Out Ports - Four 6-pin ports (can use the Tunze Y Adapter for additional ports)

What's Included?

1x SmartController 7000 with Temp Probe

1x Power Adapter

1x Wall Mount Bracket

4x Control Cables

Note: pH Probe not included.

Winner will be announced on 04/30/18
Thanks again to Tunze USA!