Vertex Aquaristik launches a "Realization Of Modern Aquaria" with their new website and it sure is beautiful and interactive!

Ben Ros Chief Operating Officer of Vertex Technologies, Inc. said the following about the goal and concept of the new web design.

"While it has been a great decade for reefing not so much so for IP protection. With free flow of information and public’s demand for more info on any given product, technology or item the line between IP protection and providing clear information to public has become somehow convoluted.

Our hobby does not differ in this point as a business however it does as it is still at its infancy and without this free flow of information the innovations of the past decade will not be possible. That said, Vertex opted for a total flow of information where we provide you literally with enough information about our products to be able to replicate it. This is to ensure we are not restricting further growth of Aquatic collective mind and contribute to it.

We want our customers to know everything about Vertex as a brand, as a team as a line of products. A for IP protections for sure we will protect our IP against abuse and also have adopted a motto where innovation must continue and the thirst for improvement is never quenched.”

Be sure to check out the new website here at Vertex Aquaristik as well as get entered to win $5000 in Vertex Pro Gear! WOW!