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Just picked up some of his pieces and everything went smoothly. Pieces transferred happily into our tank. Seller is great to deal with and has pride in his pieces. I'll definatly be getting more after I see what empty space we have.

A+ seller, thanks Derek I'll be seeing you again.

Happy reefing
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Adam has been a wonderful customer throughout our entire transaction. I would highly recommend selling to @Irregardless
Thanks so much for the order!
Excellent communication with Chayse from the initial inquiry. The shipping and handling was perfect. Would hope every seller takes as much care and time as he did for this transaction. Thanks again for the extra zoas. It was unexpected and got me stoked!!
The Camaro Show
The Camaro Show
Thanks so much Adam! I hope your SBB Thermosphere and Frozen Mohicans do wonderful! Enjoy your freebies as well!
Coral Kai
Coral Kai
My first review! Thanks for being easy to work with
Package arrived in great shape packed perfectly. All zoas made it in fantastic shape started opening up right away . Great transaction will do business again .
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Arrived fast and excellently packaged!

Hanging in my sump for now, but hope to move to my DT this weekend!

Thank you!
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That guy
That guy
Thank u I’m glad to hear it all came in well I really appreciate your business
Jesse is great to work with!!! He provided videos/pics of frag; fast/responsive/helpful. Worked with timing of shipment due to a vacation; frag delivered as promised and of high quality! Ready to purchase from him again!
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Can't say nothing but praise for Lost in the Sauce. One of the most knowledgeable, generous and passionate reefers in the hobby. Thank you for hosting and serving the community with the frag swap. I know that took an enormous effort to host, but I can tell you have a heart to do good for the community. Need more folks like you. You have amazing set ups and corals. So lucky to have you so close by. And thanks for the piece of Earl :) Here's to many more trades in the future.
I ordered phyto and pods from @Eldredge, I was a bit worried walking up to the mailbox for the pods as it is unusually hot here this weekend (90+) with zero clouds or wind. However it seems all was well - I can see tons of pods of all types alive and kicking in the pod bottle, and the phyto is super dark, even with a flashlight directly on it it is still not even close to transparent - very nice!
10/10 seller and products
Thanks man! I really appreciate the feedback!
Great buyer! Prompt payment and good communication
I have too many good things to say about Rich so I'll keep it short. I was amazed that he runs One Display tank, which is also the Growout for his beautiful corals.

Not a home aquaculturing facility at all. An awesome hobbyist with very happy coral and fish.

His "frags" are Chonky and even fresh cut, transfer very well. I had full PE on 7 Acro's within an hour of gluing and introducing to a high nutrient tank.

I am lucky enough to live close by, but have already recommended him to friends across the country when they are looking for a few Bomb pieces.


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False advertisement torch is 800 on sight he is just trying to funnel people to his sight.
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Queen City Corals
Queen City Corals
Hey Xtravism, unfortunately, our other Holy Grails are sold out and this is the only one left. I have taken down the post because all torches are sold as you can see from the post there are other Grails shown that were $600 and $700. Unfortunately due to the size of our business we have to take orders through our site because it is too much to handle orders through DM's. Sorry for any confusion and have a great day!
Great communication and prompt payment. Thanks!
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Another great experience with Graham. As others have noted, communication, packaging, coral size & health are all excellent. I just picked up an old-school piece from Graham that I've been trying to find for awhile. If you are looking for something in particular, send Graham a message; his collection is enormous, rivaling many of the well-known commercial outfits.

Thanks for another great transaction, Graham. I'll be back!
Bought a few lights, very well packed. Smooth transaction
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Just purchased some power heads and had a very smooth transaction. Would recommend
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Excellent shipping packaging. The dedicated container with the frag plug held safely in place by the rubber donut & rack is an amazing idea. If only online retailers would use this set up!
10/10 would buy from again. Great seller
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Thank you so much