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Received some Cheato in July. Well packed. Nice and thick. Quick shipping
I’ve gotten a couple orders so far. Great seller. Well packed. Quick shipping
I bought two Tunze 6040 powerheads from Dabcrusher/Robert Vice. One came with a repaired cord right at the powerhead see picture. After for pages he finally refunded me my money for one of powerheads and then mentioned he works or Algae Barn and knows the Tunze rep and they had issues with a batch of bad cordsets. Decided I should check other powerhead closer and noticed sure enough it had cracking at the powerhead cord. I have asked him to help me get this second one replaced through Tunze before I return the powerhead he refunded me originally for, and that had the repaired wire. he refused to help me with the second bad powerhead and threatened to file a claim and recoup the refund he sent. Now I have two bad powerheads. This person obviously new the issues with the cords before he sent and instead of getting the issue solved with Tunze before sending them out stuck me with them. getting me a new cord set or at least the invoice so I can deal direct with Tunze should not be so difficult. BEWARE!
Great communication. Flawless transaction. I would recommend.
Anthony is one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of meeting. An absolute pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much, I hope to run into you again sometime!
Thread: WisconsinSOLD Frag Tank CLEAR OUT……
Shipped fast and sent as described. Good price, great guy. Thank you!
Everything was on time and looked amazing. Excellent price also.
The item was exactly as described. The seller was quick to reply to messages and shipped the follow day. Would gladly buy from him again.
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A+ seller, highly recommended.
I bought a 40w UV that arrived with shattered internals, and an aquatic-life hybrid that arrived with missing parts. The Seller replaced the broken and missing pieces right away.
Years later but might make someone else think twice about purchasing something from seller. Purchased mini jbj chiller. When I received it arrived broken. Packaging was very minimal- pretty much just placed in a box and shipped off. When I contact regarding broken chiller he stated it was fine when he shipped out. I asked about package being insured and said he would check. I never heard back from seller. I ended up coming out of pocket to repair a item that was not as advertised. I get it was possibly damaged during shipping but that would also be due to lack of packing material around it.
Amazing seller! Great quality zoas and perfect communication. I look forward to purchasing more through him soon!
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Did not ship as agreed. then said he could not find the shipping information
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Outstanding packaging, prices, and coral! I trust Dan more than I trust any coral company out there. He really is just trying to help people out with amazing deals and beautiful coral!
Thread: Arizona FS zoa pack #3 (8 zoas)
Great seller and fast shipping. Really easy to communicate with.
Great seller, amazing packaging, great pieces of coral item was bigger than described which is always a plus, will be buying coral in the future from seller