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Honestly, it bothers me even leaving negative feedback. This seller, his overall help was ok through out the entire process. However when someone is driving from Sacramento to Las Vegas to buy a tank, and honestly after all the gas and hotel, not saving a ton. You would think the seller would be honest. Questions such as "is there damage?, are there scratches?" You know the simple stuff... Well there was a big chip in the sump, and after water was added the display looked like someone did not know how to keep sand away from their magnet. In the end, I am super super disappointed and feel I overpaid and was taken advantage of. How do you not know there is a chip in the sump, and how do you not know there are multiple scratches in the tank! Absolutely the worst transaction I have ever been a part of.. I would not even buy a kidney from this person if my life depended on it. I would rather die... I dealt with the chip in the sump but every time I look at the display it reminds me of that 19 Hour round trip that could have been avoided had he been honest. I mean who does not inspect something you are selling when someone is driving so far... Just writing this irritates me. If you are wondering if the scratches were caused during the long transport, impossible as they are on the inside of the tank was covered. No scratches on the outside what so ever... Can absolutely add photos if the seller disputes anything on this review. It is what it is, I got taken..
I am a buyer posting feedback on 67cupchamps as seller
Good communication, primes as described and packaged well. Thanks!