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I am a customer posting feedback on AquaSD as service provider
My first coral was from ASD. The corals I do receive are great. However, I never had a problem until recently. If they decide to respond to emails, it is days. I am still waiting to hear from them on a replacement order. I feel they are not really customer appreciative anymore. I probably will not be supporting this vendor anymore.
Kaleb got back with me. We will make this right. I will also ask admins to adjust this feedback.
**edit again*** Well what they said they were going to do did not happen! They have every excuse for not getting back to me and when they finally did, they said they would make my order top-notch. So, I re-ordered the corals I wanted. Then today I get an email that, "Due to the cost increase in shipping recently, we have had to implement a new policy. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship out orders under $100 that are not tied to an existing ebay order. At a minimum, it costs us around $55 to print a shipping label for our smallest of boxes, as they are sent out for next day delivery". What kind of b.s is this. "We can always hold the order if you want to shop more, or we can issue a store credit for the item's amount". I don't want any more corals for them or a store credit.
I am filing a dispute with my cc company as well. I will not do business with them again.
I am a buyer posting feedback on AquaSD as seller
I have done multiple orders with Aquasd and am always happy. The coral is true to the pictures and the prices are great and everything is very healthy. Not to mention the freebies. They are my preferred seller.
I am a buyer posting feedback on AquaSD as seller
Overall great vendor. Was interactive on the live sale. Good prices. Shipment came as promised. All corals survived.

Would do business with again.
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