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Great buyer with excellent communication and fast payment!
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I am a buyer posting feedback on Dabcrusher as seller
thanks for sending me the salinity probe, sensor, and FMM module.
I am a buyer posting feedback on Dabcrusher as seller
Despite shipping woes I would likely buy from again - immaculate packaging/shipping/attention to detail
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I am a buyer posting feedback on Dabcrusher as seller
I bought two Tunze 6040 powerheads from Dabcrusher. One came with a repaired cord right at the powerhead see picture. After for pages he finally refunded me my money for one of powerheads and then mentioned he works or Algae Barn and knows the Tunze rep and they had issues with a batch of bad cordsets. Decided I should check other powerhead closer and noticed sure enough it had cracking at the powerhead cord. I have asked him to help me get this second one replaced through Tunze before I return the powerhead he refunded me originally for, and that had the repaired wire. he refused to help me with the second bad powerhead and threatened to file a claim and recoup the refund he sent. Now I have two bad powerheads. This person obviously new the issues with the cords before he sent and instead of getting the issue solved with Tunze before sending them out stuck me with them. getting me a new cord set or at least the invoice so I can deal direct with Tunze should not be so difficult. BEWARE!
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Dabcrusher has sent me a new motor. This was a diffcult purchase but I was eventually made whole.
You still didn't change the feedback. After a refund and getting a brand new powerhead that I sent to you and you still haven't sent me the faulty powerhead
I can’t change it but will see if I can get a moderator to help. Your package will go out tomorrow which is still faster then your original shipping to me which took ten days.