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I am a buyer posting feedback on misrap354 as seller
well I paid for it on the feb 18 didn't receive it until march 4 and it doesn't work.
I reached out to Eric from focustroic (as I have a alkatronic) and we went though all the steps to get it connected and it just seems to have no response.
He offered a refund of half now and half when he got it back. "Per PayPal's" advice. well I called pay pal and that is NOT how it works. I was more then friendly and participant with him. Yet when I questioned why He would think I would ship it back. He got Very defensive. I was extremely patient with the multiple reasons why it took over a week to ship. Then its a dead brick and I want a refund and he wants to just send me half. ??? filled a case with paypal
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I am a buyer posting feedback on misrap354 as seller
Great seller. Very professional in communication as well as packing and shipping. Great transaction!
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