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4 orders over a few months. High fatalities, missing fish, lack of contact. On order was no contact for a month, I got the order email, but no response to a dozen calls, and half a dozen emails over the period of about a month. When the fish finally did come in, I got severely diseased fish and the order was missing several items. I continued to call, email, and was not able to reach the vendor for quite some time.

Eventually I got in contact, we agreed I would make another order and he would replace the diseased and missing fish.

NYA replaced the missing fish with several dead on arrival, visibly sick fish. They did not send a replacement for the sick and dead fish they agreed to. The final order had the highest fatality rate of any online fish order I've ever had in 20 years of the hobby, including my time doing professional aquaculture for universities.

They then blamed me, despite my having few to no fatalities with other vendors over that time, which is when I engaged reef2reef vendor feedback.

They continued to blame me, so it's the responsible thing to discourage people from doing business with them, as it's my opinion their fish is inferior, their customer service is worse, and intentionally or not they are thieves and liars.
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