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I am a buyer posting feedback on Rams as seller
Not a trusted seller. Received item damaged. Seller making it difficult to resolve. Filed claim thru pay to resolve.
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I won’t agree with you.I told to refund and you filed claim.We have to go through PayPal process but you can’t wait 15 days for PayPal to resolve it instead you want me to refund it through channel.You started threatening me for all this,just because you can’t wait for PayPal to go through its course.And you didn’t even know from whom you got it.
I am a buyer posting feedback on Rams as seller
Very easy to work with. Worked pricing with me and shipped right away. Work recommend to future hobbyists
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I am a seller posting feedback on Rams as buyer
Great, responsive communicator. Worked out a fair deal for the item I was selling including an unexpected partial trade.
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