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Very considerate and thoughtful seller. Held my anemone after Hurricane Ida ravaged my area and worked with me on shipping because FedEx is a nightmare in my area.

i would highly recommend @Redfoxtang as a seller based on my experience with him.
Thread: FloridaLive Goods RBTA
I am a buyer posting feedback on Redfoxtang as seller
Bought an RBTA from Redfoxtang. Communication through PM was great throughout the entire transaction. I provided a shipping label for overnight shipping. He was fast to ship; the package was dropped off at the shipping location just prior to the last pickup time. Packaging was very good; in was double bagged in a styrofoam box with plenty of fill material. The RBTA looked good in the shipping bag and opened up pretty quickly in the tank too. Colors were very good and looked just like the pictures.

Great seller, wouldn’t hesitate to buy from again.


Just after being placed in the tank. Bright spot on the little one was where a piece of food had just landed.