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I am a buyer posting feedback on Roli's Reef Ranch as seller
I was nervous as never having been a person to order from a "private" seller online.

Roli made it an easy process, sent the item quickly, provided the tracking. Arrived as expected, exactly as described.

Neither of us were expecting Hydros to ha e locks on registered equipment, and when i couldn't pair it in the middle of the night, Roli responded quickly and helped to detegister the product and was patient with the process.

Would absolutely buy from them again with no hangups.

Thank's Roli's Reef Ranch!

Now i have hydros drive ports and more power
I am a seller posting feedback on Roli's Reef Ranch as buyer
Seller beware. He has bad communication, demands you do certain things. Such as swapping out a coral he bought days prior because he received a free one from someone. He demands you cut him a different coral frag literally hours before shipping, a fresh cut frag. He then also cannot follow a very simple DOA policy. I ask for pictures and strong communication. He does neither. Just sends me a message with NO pictures that says the water was a little cold because the heat pack was only a little warm. Doesn’t say a single other work for over 30 hours and says the corals died. Then complains that it’s my fault and I should’ve known? But yet he didn’t follow my DOA or communicate a thing to me.
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Roli's Reef Ranch
Roli's Reef Ranch
Bought coral which were not packed properly for cooler weather. Bags were cold to the touch and 2 expensive (Homewrecker and Heartbreakers) acros RTN’d over night. After first agreeing to ship on Thursday, he made excuses about the weather and shipped Friday. He also didn’t swap a duplicate frag out for me given ample time. When I pointed out that his ad (still up) said that he could cut more frags he finally said he would, but before I read his response, he shipped it out anyway. The box had a very small heat pack that was shielded from the bags and did not allow for heat transfer. The pack exhausted all the oxygen in the box because it didn’t have a breather hole, a rookie mistake. Even after I contacted him about the cold package he requested pictures and refused to make things right. Why would I need to send pictures of live coral? They were so stressed they died overnight. Buyer beware.
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