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I am a buyer posting feedback on scootPrime as seller
They sent me a message telling me they would sell the Trident to me for a specific price to which I replied send me your PayPal information. I kept waiting to hear back and eventually I checked the listing and saw they had sold it to someone else for $15 more after telling me they would sell it to me.

They then tried to claim the other offer came in before mine. Unfortunately for them I have the message they sent telling me they would sell it to me. I took a screenshot. If you had a higher offer already, why would you tell someone you would sell it to them for a lower price then sell it to the higher offer? The answer is you wouldn't. They clearly lied about the circumstances.

If they want to refute this all they have to do is post a picture of the message they sent to the other person agreeing to sell it to them with the timestamp and I can post a picture of the message they sent me with the timestamp. I won't hold my breath though.

A decent person would have asked me if I wanted to match the other offer rather than break their word. If their word is only worth $15 to them and they are willing to lie about the circumstances of the sale I cannot trust anything they tell me. I advise any future buyer to beware. This person is dishonest and will not keep their word.
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I am a seller posting feedback on scootPrime as buyer
Thanks for the easy and fast transaction.
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