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  1. Flame2hawk

    Just got Red Sea Reefer 3xl 900 set up….ugh

    Thx for feedback. My beef is with their instructions and lack of customer Centricity by not caring about accuracy of such. Additionally their response is ridiculous as they have not addressed this issue for years. As far as the quality of the set up once you are hassled by the process there are...
  2. Yates273

    Is this enough light for a 120 gallon

    Yes it’s 48” x 24” x 24” I plan on hooking up my Neptune par meter to get #’s.
  3. Yates273

    Looking for a little help or insight

    I have been using reef crystals with no ill side effects so far but I guess I need to pay more attention. I could probably also go with regular instant ocean this way when I dose it won’t elevate the #’s too high since it starts out low.
  4. Yates273

    Looking for a little help or insight

    ...Apex and it seems everything was happy when my # were in check. This is why I stopped dosing since the new batch of salt was using had elevated #’s since doing this the Duncan’s are opened up the slightest but not what they were. It’s just everything else is so mad right now. I did have to...
  5. Yates273

    Looking for a little help or insight

    Not sure what’s going on here. Tank has been up and running for a while now and I have not changed anything as far as rocks coral fish. Recently a few of my corals have not been very happy. My Duncan’s have been closed for close to a week. My green Monti turned brown in spots my purple stylo is...
  6. Dan_P

    Does my decade old sand bed actually nitrify? Who eats Ammonia in our tanks?

    ...with population size” assumption. I do wonder whether Aquabiomics ever validated their collection methodology to show that a water sample or water sample plus a biofilm sample is a good representation of the aquarium‘s microbiome. If not, we might be dealing with a red herring (Your #’s 2 and 3).
  7. S

    Alk keeps dropping

    Made Randy’s recipe #1. Dosed it into the 8s and then it kind of stopped Rising. Was doing 25ml at a time, 3x a day to increase by 1dkh. Did my weekly 10% and was at 8.1. Then only checked the for 2 days following and had a reduction of 0.4 each day. Currently sitting at 7.3. To maintain the...
  8. Jon's Reef

    Neptune SKY LED

    ...102 LEDs) Kessil a500x: $740 (185 W, 100 LEDs) CC: $900 (170 W, 68 LEDs) GHL: $820 (195 W, 72 LEDs) Everything else is speculation until we see the #’s. The only place that has given a consistent data set of data on a broad set of lights is BRS... so that is the video I am looking forward too.
  9. Tuffloud1

    Trident calibration fluid

    ...should match the readings on the calibration bottle that you entered. I’m not sure if the calibration fluid is specific to the reagent lot #’s that it came with. I always calibrate using everything from the same box - no reason not to. It is recommended that you calibrate each time you...
  10. Yates273

    Can I do this with Trident line

    So far it seems to be working. Trident numbers are a little lower than Hanna #’s but it’s only been day and a half since it’s been running. Still need to calibrate trident
  11. Dan_P

    Bacteria in a bottle, Myth or Fact

    Which post #’s should I read to understand what sample was tested that gave an unexpected result. I tried a quick scan but failed to follow the story.
  12. nicodim55

    Accumulated Detritus in the Sump

    ...they all give me the same results (high nitrates). This tank has been running for 15 years. Inhabitants are happy granted its mostly lps, softies, and fish. I would like to throw in some sps in there someday but with my current #’s I can’t. Can you guys add other suggestions where it’s coming...
  13. Mastiffsrule

    It's everywhere !!

    Hi, My first recommendation, if you have not done so is to test your tank. You may have some high #’s contributing to the outbreak.
  14. F

    WEDNESDAY 2/24 - Lovestruck Live Sale Shipping Sign Up

    Stuart Epley Original shipping date 2/17 for 2/18 delivery New date 2/24 for 2/25 delivery Order #’s 8779 8795 8797 8798 8804 8868 8877 8878 8888 8900 8938 8949 9259
  15. Valhalla Reefer

    HI772 (dKH) vs HI755 (ppm) testing methods?

    ...factor is needed afterwards to achieve dkh value using the HI755s reagent. (I seem to have bought caco3 instead of dkh reagent by mistake) There’s something strange about my readings with the new reagent...and is what made me realize the difference in part numbers. Again, I understand...
  16. Yates273

    Hanna Testers worth it?

    I LOVE!! my Hanna checkers. I would much rather look at #’s than colors. I use the alk, calcium, ULR phosphorus and all are easy to use. Main thing with calcium one is follow the directions once you do it a few times it gets easy. I will admit I have seen the #’s a little on the higher end but...
  17. Mastiffsrule

    Omg I got home most of my fish dead!!!??

    Hi, I am so sorry about this. I would not want to venture a guess right now. As mentioned I would recommend carbon, water change, get surface agition up for O2 exchange and run a full test of the main #’s. If you have a chemipad that would be good too.
  18. Mastiffsrule

    Sudden Drop in pH (and Drop in ALK plus Other Changes)

    ...anything so alarming I would start immediate water changes or anything like that. You made some changes that should be expected to impact your #’s. I would not overly worry about the ph, or even alk too much. Rapid alk shifts are more concerning than PH. The change have been made, I would now...
  19. Mastiffsrule

    AI NERO - Too Much Flow?!?

    The settings for a 5 may be a bit strong, but again that is just going off #’s. @Homebrewer had a great writeup about the Nero. Maybe he can chime if available
  20. Mastiffsrule

    AI NERO - Too Much Flow?!?

    ...or go back to a prior flow that you had better results from. Personally, I am not a fan of pulse. If I run something like that it would be 45 seconds on, 15 off. Maybe someone running you pump will chime in since I am just going based off flow #’s and not hands on, but your set up sounds ok.
  21. Mastiffsrule

    30 day experiment tank: Experiment over, moved to Phyto dosing

    ...the DE. I put the intake and return right in the tank. After an hour the water was clear and the cartridge would be full of fish poo and other detris. My #’s tonight were PH 8.15, ALK 6.4, Po4 .03, No3 5, Ca 420, MG 1320. I was feeding the tank 6 cubes a night for my sweetlips and other guys.
  22. Raege

    Some Glass, a bit of water, and dash of dreams

    ...nutrient environ which the tank definitely was when I sent this sample both in po4 and no3. With no3 around 20ish and po4 back to .05 ( real #’s are higher with the gha of course atm) be interesting next sample results tho once some more dies off. I get an email in a few days with Eli’s...
  23. mh393r

    I need help please.

    Chasing #’s can and will make things harder... I agree with @SCReef’n 8 alk is a good # and if you bring any of those #’s up or down too fast it will negatively impact the tank
  24. Mastiffsrule

    Balancing fish stocking for water parameters

    Hello, Tank looks great, leather is awesome. I think right there is the major nutrient guzzler. Sorry if I missed. i Saw number for stability. What are you dosing or using to keep stable all the other #’s. (How are you keeping calcium,alk,mag all those stable)
  25. Mastiffsrule

    I don't get it...... I'm about to give up are in I would first get back into your routine and you usual parameters. If you are running the skimmer, leave it like fish guy said. Your #’s now look ok. If your numbers stay stable I would battle with cleaning and a good CuC first. (Edit-for cyano. the bugs may be the cause of the...