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  1. C

    Build Thread New (to me) Planet Aquarium 125 Rimmed

    ...I added 16 oz. to 5 gallons of water on Thursday. The water is already extra dark-green - especially considering that I did not do the recommended 1:1 starting ratio. The lights are excellent - 12 hour timer, and adjustable brightness. There are 3 strips, so it's easy to broadcast light to...
  2. Sqwertyl

    GIVEAWAY PRIZE CLAIMED Noopsyche Helpful Reefer Giveaway! Win a K7 Pro II LED Reef Light!!

    Bonus #1: Answered a quesion in a separate thread.
  3. RYcube2951

    GIVEAWAY PRIZE CLAIMED Deltec USA SKIM TO WIN Giveaway! Win a Deltec Skimmer!!

    Bonus Entry #1: I did not know that Deltec was the first company to offer a needle wheel in their skimmers. That tells me they are forward thinking in implementing new technology to improve their products.
  4. paja3

    GIVEAWAY PRIZE CLAIMED Deltec USA SKIM TO WIN Giveaway! Win a Deltec Skimmer!!

    Entry #1: I love the fact about the emergency overflow system and the low power consumption, also the adjustability of the DC pump. The 1000I will be a great addition to my 234 gallon system.
  5. R

    World Wide Corals TimeSplitter LIVE SALE - 3,000+ Frags! Our Largest Ever!

    Tip #1: Don't buy coral you know nothing about Tip #2: That's one of the easiest SPS you can buy, so congrats on the luck :D
  6. Gernader

    Bet you can't ID these Zoa's!

    Zoa #1: Not sure Zoa #2: Looks like a Pandora (would be easier if it is under blues)
  7. F


    I have 4 Pairs of Onyx Clown Pairs for sale. Can ship at buyers expense? Prefer local pick up. Pair #1: $175 (full helmet female) Pair #2: $200 (3" female & 2" male) Pair #3: $150 (2" female & 1.5" male) Pair #4: $450 5 year old Bali Aquarich Pair Willing to give deals on multiple...
  8. Saltyreef

    California Jawbreaker mushrooms

    #1: 3 total $300 shipped #2: 4 total $300 shipped All 7 for $550 shipped. 1st 3 photos are updated pics of pack #2 Last photo pack #1
  9. littlebigreef

    Can anyone help? TIA

    First might be a hyper phoenix, Second Devil's armor/Armor of God, Group pic #1: Blue Hornet #2 Gorilla nip or morph #3 Fruit loop #4 Red People Eater (RPE)
  10. R.Weller

    DIY Waterfall ATS - 1 yr later

    ...mesh is then notched & pushed into the crack (lots of examples of this on YouTube). The mesh was secured using zip ties. The first day of Build 1: After 7 days of Build #1: Here's what the first build looked like when it was installed. And three months later: Observe that we learned...
  11. ThatTennesseeBeardedGuy

    75 gallon lighting

    So Question #1: Could I use 2 xr15 radion g5s to light this tank for a nice mixed reef. Question#2: If not I would personally choose 2 xr30 g4s, are there any other alternatives that some may suggest?
  12. April@Coralvue

    Win Special Edition Controller Cabinets by Adaptive Reef - 2 WINNERS! Pick a Prize: HYDROS Blue or R2R Orange?

    ...the social network they have followed CoralVue on. Open to legal residents of the US age 18 or older. Void where prohibited. YOUR PRIZES PRIZE 1: Adaptive Reef Controller Cabinet - HYDROS Special Edition BLUE is for HYDROS, an aquarium automation platform and product line by CoralVue...
  13. Lazydayz


    Bonus entry #1:
  14. Maddlesrain


    Bonus #1: updated my build thread.’s-reef-third-time’s-a-charm.603250/#post-6704579
  15. TheHarold

    Apex EL Aquarium Monitor - BRS Special Edition.

    There be a virtual outlet with the float program in it, that mentions each float along with a defer statement. Then in your alarms, it says if that virtual outlet is on, then alarm is on. That is rudimentary outlet programming. I suggest you read these articles, starting from # 1...
  16. Taylor Hahn

    GIVEAWAY PRIZE CLAIMED ENTER to WIN a Tunze Osmolator, Calcium Dispenser, and Reservoir in the Top Off Your Tank With A Tunze Giveaway!!!

    Official entry #1:
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