Usage for hash tag: 2?

  1. G

    Space Invader Question

    Brown jelly? or like literal #2?
  2. M

    Low Calcium, little change. ATI Essentials Pro now only 340; however, my alkalinity is up to 9.6. I don’t know why my alkalinity is going up when I’m dosing more of the Essential Pro #2? I know I should be dosing #1 and #2 in equal parts; however, I don’t know what I should do to fix my low calcium levels. I’ve checked newly made...
  3. wiltongates

    Wilton's Tempting Fate - Build Thread (Waterbox Reef 100.3 )

    ...opening, it still smelled fine. It was covered in a surprising amount of algae. I dumped it all in a Brute can of mixed saltwater, which (mistake #2?) never really cleared up after mixing the saltwater in. Three days later, it is still somewhat opaque. Finally, mistake #3 - the water is in...
  4. Clarksski

    Need fish pharmacist many more days.It's very difficult to tell i f there is improvement, so I would like to dose metroplex and focus but would this be mistake #2? What would the dosage of metroplex be? Every 48 hours for 3 doses total? Maybe I should be doing something else, or maybe even nothing at all...
  5. Skynyrd Fish

    Refinish acrylic tank

    Do you have novus#3 and #2?
  6. tgrick

    MACNA 2019 Teaser: Here's What You'll See in Orlando!

    Xepta pricing and release date #2???