Usage for hash tag: 2?

  1. fishguy242

    Build Thread Erin O's 75G Build

    now you can sit back and watch finding nemo ,over and over,lol ..was there a #2?
  2. Shu_Ting

    Transferring a fish from another tank to eat up Munnid Isopods? smaller than the other cardinal fish which eats pellets and thawed seafood. Is it ok to transfer this picky cardinal to Tank #1 for a few days so it gets fatten up a bit. When it has eaten most of the isopods then only we transfer it back to Tank #2? Will the fish get stressed out? Thank...
  3. thewackyreefer

    Cherry Corals Presents... Coral Madness in March!! March 6th and 7th!

    Since the torch was marked as #1, does that imply there's a #2?
  4. Silent

    How do I make a herbie overflow.

    Did you read the article in post #2? That article is so thorough I have a hard time understanding you have these questions.
  5. G

    Space Invader Question

    Brown jelly? or like literal #2?
  6. M

    Low Calcium, little change. ATI Essentials Pro now only 340; however, my alkalinity is up to 9.6. I don’t know why my alkalinity is going up when I’m dosing more of the Essential Pro #2? I know I should be dosing #1 and #2 in equal parts; however, I don’t know what I should do to fix my low calcium levels. I’ve checked newly made...
  7. wiltongates

    Build Thread Wilton's Tempting Fate - Build Thread (Waterbox Reef 100.3 )

    ...opening, it still smelled fine. It was covered in a surprising amount of algae. I dumped it all in a Brute can of mixed saltwater, which (mistake #2?) never really cleared up after mixing the saltwater in. Three days later, it is still somewhat opaque. Finally, mistake #3 - the water is in...
  8. Clarksski

    Need fish pharmacist many more days.It's very difficult to tell i f there is improvement, so I would like to dose metroplex and focus but would this be mistake #2? What would the dosage of metroplex be? Every 48 hours for 3 doses total? Maybe I should be doing something else, or maybe even nothing at all...
  9. Skynyrd Fish

    Refinish acrylic tank

    Do you have novus#3 and #2?