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  1. esther

    Build Thread Finally... After 10 years out of the hobby : Waterbox 220.6 Dream Build

    ...just leave as is. Second question is... We have a Petsmart TopFin 10g tank for our QT. It doesn't have a skimmer on it and we removed the filtration that it did have. Can I add a little bag of carbon in it's place instead? Third question is... Is there anything else we need to add to the tank...
  2. Copingwithpods

    AIO Build 29g Biocube

    ...hasn't been ideal. The thicker lip on the tank makes for some janky mounting. Can I cut the lip off without compromising integrity? #Filtration In the overflow chamber I only have the temperature probes (one for the controller and the other for a backup thermometer) and a mangrove, not...