Usage for hash tag: fishmedic

  1. The_ReefB0y_FOX24

    Fish parasitic?

    the lying down is what worries me most these fish can be ick maginets @Jay Hemdal #fishmedic
  2. The_ReefB0y_FOX24

    Fish parasitic?

    looks like it could be ich/velvet on the clown and the tangs possibly flukes not sure if I am right. #fishmedic I would not treat the display
  3. B

    Help Diagnosing Yellow Tang

    Ill tag someone who will know for sure #fishmedic @Jay Hemdal .
  4. chipchipmofo

    EMERGENCY Store rescued Puffer, needs urgent help!

    #fishmedic @Jay Hemdal @vetteguy53081
  5. Sharkbait19

    Fish dying

    No recent additions or changes to the tank? #fishmedic
  6. olonmv

    EMERGENCY YWG breathing fast and looking unwell the hanna checker charts and his lil tailspot blenny is happy. How old is your tank? Have you had any recent bacterial blooms? When that happens they can starve a tank of oxygen. Try placing an airtube into tank and oxygenating the tank. Let’s get a #fishmedic in here to give a better...
  7. threebuoys

    Need Help with ID

    ...area appears a bit reddish. Is that what you see? How long have you had the fish? Could be the after effect of an encounter with one of the other fish. #fishmedic may have better diagnosis. Until then I would observe for any signs of infection and be prepared to administer antibiotics. The
  8. Jay Hemdal

    Clownfish bruising/lesion?

    ...Sometimes the fish dies (but may have had other issues?) and sometimes the fish gets better, but a lot of these cases are "lost to follow up" where the original poster never gets back to us with the outcome. Any ideas? Here are some pictures I've collected here: Thanks, Jay #fishmedic
  9. Sebastiancrab

    EMERGENCY Blue tang infection, stumped

    Need some pictures in white light and your water parameters and age of tank. #fishmedic
  10. Reefer Matt

    Hello NEWBIE!

  11. Mikey-D

    Hello Aloha from Big Island Hawaii

    Tag the #fishmedic
  12. Reefer Matt

    Both of my Clowns Jumped! Why?

    I haven't had it happen, as I have lids or nets on my tanks, but I have been told by many people that clownfish are jumpers. I have 4 clownfish, one in each of my reef tanks. Maybe a #fishmedic can provide further input.
  13. Reefer Matt

    Help please

  14. Erin1971Texas

    EMERGENCY Clownfish skeleton fin

    #fishmedic should comment soon
  15. blaxsun

    EMERGENCY Sudden discoloration in clownfish. Otherwise acting normally.

    It's definitely not healthy. Could be velvet, but I'll let the experts weigh-in. #fishmedic
  16. Jekyl

    HELP, Ich or Velvet?

  17. Sebastiancrab

    EMERGENCY Orange shoulder tang have spots under blue light

    Need pictures taken in white light and water parameters. How old is tank? Did you quarantine fish? #fishmedic
  18. Dreminon

    EMERGENCY Naso dying

    Welcome to our Salty Crew. Sorry its under these circumstances im sure one of our #fishmedic can point you in the right direction on the best course of action. I know they will need some more info thou...
  19. Tuan’s Reef

    EMERGENCY ICH? Or something else? Clowns

    #fishmedic It does look like ich. Have you started the treatment with coppersafe? Here's a good sticky for disease and treatment
  20. Sebastiancrab

    EMERGENCY Black Tang with Ich? battle scars? lesions?

    Need pictures taken in white light and water parameters. #fishmedic
  21. Sebastiancrab

    Sick Puffer?

    Need pictures taken in white light and water parameters. Could be gill flukes but let's wait for expert opinion. Be prepared for hospital tank. What Meds do you have? #fishmedic