Usage for hash tag: fishmedic

  1. OrchidMiss

    Sick Volitan Lionfish

    @lion king @vetteguy53081 #fishmedic
  2. fishguy242

    New to QT and Brook

    hi welcome to the reef... #fishmedic
  3. fishguy242

    Clownfish scratching ?

    ... ;)best wishes #fishmedic
  4. blaxsun

    Naso tang has spots

    The #fishmedic gang will probably need some more detailed images.
  5. littlefoxx

    EMERGENCY Leopard wrasse laying on the side

    Youre welcome these guys are fish medics. You can always use #fishmedic too to get their attention
  6. Nman


    You need #fishmedic and a nice clear picture in white light please
  7. blaxsun


    You'll probably need some closer (clearer) images for the #fishmedic.
  8. SaltyT

    EMERGENCY What’s wrong which my blue hippo tang?!

    Hard to tell, maybe ich maybe mucus plugs let’s call in the pros #fishmedic
  9. ISpeakForTheSeas

    Help with identifying

    #fishmedic Welcome to Reef2Reef!
  10. N1tew0lf1212

    Convict tang is freaking out - jerking movement

    I know several people that have a hard time with convict tangs and keeping them thriving. has to do with the way they are ccollected. when purchased do you know how long the lfs had the fish in there store?.... #fishmedic
  11. Sharkbait19

    Is this Ich, velvet or perhaps flukes?

    It’s possible there is a bacterial issue in play, in which an antibiotic like kanaplex or neoplex would help. #fishmedic
  12. blaxsun

    Ick or Something Else?

    ...I don't really have too many options for medications unfortunately. Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in-advance. #fishmedic @vetteguy53081 Addendum: Spoke too soon - the powder brown tang has a 2-3 spots (total, both sides) as well. About the same as the mimic. The...
  13. Nman

    Help! Puffer fin looks red maybe rot?

    He maybe prefers fresh water than salt water. Have you seen any other changes as you went from fresh to salt or different behaviour. Littlefoxx is correct call a #fishmedic
  14. Troylee


    #fishmedic You would have got more help posting this in the fish disease forum.. I’ll get some more knowledgeable people to help ya out here shortly.. good news is it’s not velvet so don’t panic.. lol @vetteguy53081
  15. Bozburn

    White fuzz on Tangs so much lately ive almost quit. I do want to get rid of both of the tangs due to aggression, but dont want them to die or anything like that. I tried to get a video best I could, these guys are shy and all over the tank. No others are showing any signs of anything right now. #fishmedic
  16. just reefing

    Sailfin and scopus in my QT

    ...the nitrates. I’ve now noticed a few days ago, my sail fin and scopus both have started showing some bad spots and fin issues. The sail fin has bugling eyes and doesn’t leave the floor of the QT. I’ll attach a short video of their behaviors and how they look. Any info is appreciated! #fishmedic