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  1. Gondeep11

    Question regarding Treatment (Fish only Display Tank)

    Good Afternoon, #fishmedic Well I can't believe this, over night I lost one of the clowns and the Kliens, both were eating yesterday. Aside from scratching, and I did notice some heavy breathing. As a precaution, I pulled the other clown which appeared to have a spot or two (Not sure if it was...
  2. tomtheturkey

    Flukes or ich diagnosis

    #fishmedic How is the breathing rate? I believe Neobenedenia flukes prefer eyes. Are other spots on fins or other parts of body other than face eyes gills? They may need white lighting pics. I will of course let them guide you further
  3. Gondeep11

    Question regarding Treatment (Fish only Display Tank)

    Hello all, #fishmedic Quick question, I have a fish only tank that will always be this way. I will never have any coral in this display. I have noticed a few of my fish Darting in the sand and scratching on rocks. I want to get ahead of this before it becomes more of an issue. A few quick...
  4. LouisianaReef

    Prozipro Fish sensitivity

    ...went off food for about a week now. No cloudy eyes or other symptoms but he has always been a very aggressive eater. I would prefer to treat the entire system as long as the Parzipro normally wouldn’t be a problem for any of the species within the system. @lion king @Jay Hemdal...
  5. fishguy242

    EMERGENCY Help my Clown!!

    hi welcome to the reef you can try u tube for video ? #fishmedic
  6. ISpeakForTheSeas

    Looks like eggs, but from what?

    That sounds like a case to bring up with Jay and the #fishmedic crew - good luck with the clown! As a note for the ID - if they are Octopus eggs, most octopus die shortly after mating/laying eggs, so any octo in your tank would most likely either be dead already, or will be dead within the next...
  7. Peace River

    Black spots on clowns

    Do you have anemones? Have the clowns been recently introduced to the anemones? Could be discoloration from the stings. #fishmedic
  8. Spare time

    Aquarium Salt

    Fin rot should be treated with an anti-biotic I'll throw #fishmedic in here
  9. Cell

    First dish both dead - don’t know why

    You have plenty of O2 exchange. Absent any other observed symptoms, this may be hard to identify. #fishmedic
  10. blaxsun

    Eye injury?

  11. Kathy Floyd

    Help!! What is this?

    #fishmedic @Jay Hemdal @vetteguy53081
  12. blaxsun

    Injury or disease on rabbitfish?

  13. ISpeakForTheSeas

    Fishes dying. Water parameters stable

    ...I’d suggest posting here in this thread the information suggested by the link below: And to get some expert opinions here: #fishmedic#fishmedic