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  1. Peace River

    CoralVue HYDROS pump grouping

    Let's see if we can get some help with your question... @[email protected] @[email protected] @DMattisonMHR @Kyl @S.Pepper #Hydros #WaveEngine
  2. Peace River

    RODI Mistake

    ...just a 5 gallon bucket or full scale automation there is something available in this hobby to meet their needs. In addition to all of the technology that is currently on the market, the soon-to-be released #Hydros Controller system will have many accessories to automate a water mixing station.
  3. Peace River

    QUESTION OF THE DAY Water Movers: What powerheads are you using and are you happy with them?

    Currently I am using standard power heads, but am planning to move to gyre pumps (maybe the Maxspect or waiting for the #reefoctopus Blade). Additionally, I want to tie the pumps together with the #Hydros WaveEngine in order to take a more systematic approach to flow (and limit power bricks).
  4. Peace River

    Hydros WaveEngine Users

    Let's see if we can get an answer to your question about the #Hydros #WaveEngine.. @Kyl @shred5
  5. Peace River

    Wave Engine

    If you don't get an answer here on R2R then I encourage you to reach out to CoralVue ([email protected]) and then let us know what you find out. Good luck! #Hydros #WaveEngine
  6. 120reefkeeper

    QUESTION OF THE DAY It's OVER and DONE with! Outta Here! But this was the best.......’s been mentioned, but I’d agree with the Wave Engine being a game changer! The ability to integrate multiple brand pumps , do away with all the power blocks has been a huge improvement for me. I’d love to see other manufacturers follow suit with innovative design like this. #Hydros...
  7. Peace River

    QUESTION OF THE DAY It's OVER and DONE with! Outta Here! But this was the best.......

    The Hydros WaveEngine has to be somewhere toward the top of that list! More than just the physical product itself, the WaveEngine is a shift toward open integration that has the potential to make a significant different in reef keeping equipment design. #Hydros #WaveEngine
  8. Peace River

    Let's Show Some LOVE For...

    ...and Chroma BOOST foods are solid, @WWC 's new retail stores are absolutely phenomenal, and @CoralVue has been extremely innovative this year with all of their product introductions such as the #Hydros WaveEngine, soon-to-be-released #Hydros Controller, #reefoctopus algae reactor, and much more.
  9. Jeff@CoralVue

    3 New WaveEngine Videos!

    3 New WaveEngine Videos! How to Connect Your Pumps to the HYDROS WaveEngine #Hydros #WaveEngine
  10. Peace River

    Anyone else having problems?

    Have you followed the directions and watched the video on this page? #Hydros #WaveEngine
  11. Jeff@CoralVue

    Introducing...CoralVue's HYDROS WaveEngine!

    Thank you for supporting the launch of the #Hydros WaveEngine! ;Happy
  12. Peace River

    HYDROS WaveEngine Launches Tomorrow 11/12: Will You Get One?

    Happy Hydros WaveEngine Day! #Hydros #WaveEngine
  13. Daniel@R2R

    SUBSCRIBE to a hashtag for your controller!

    Added #Hydros to the list :cool:
  14. Jeff@CoralVue

    To keep or not to keep. The reefkeeper

    HYDROS is the brand name for our new line of smart aquarium products. First up will be the pump controller you mentioned, the WaveEngine. Early next year we'll be releasing a couple of full-fledged aquarium controllers/monitors, the Control 2 ($199.99) and Control 4 ($399.99). HYDROS devices...
  15. Jeff@CoralVue

    So who else is excited about the new HYDROS Control 4?

    Thank you for your interest and in HYDROS! ;Shamefullyembarrased #Hydros
  16. Jeff@CoralVue

    Any other options then apex ?

    We do have a couple of more budget-friendly controllers coming out early next year which we debuted at MACNA last month. The HYDROS Control 2 will be $199.99. The Control 4 will be $399.99. @Afishionado released a pretty detailed interview with our staff yesterday about the new controllers and...
  17. Jeff@CoralVue The HYDROS Interview

    Thank you, sir! #Hydros
  18. Jeff@CoralVue

    [VIDEO] Xepta autoBalance & aBex: Automated Aquarium Water Testing & Dosing! | MACNA 2019 can automatically test your aquarium for alkalinity, calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrate, and sodium. They are also compatible with the CoralVue HYDROS aquarium controllers! LEARN ABOUT XEPTA: LEARN ABOUT HYDROS: #xepta...
  19. Jeff@CoralVue

    More @ MACNA 2019: IceCap 2K & 4K Gyre Pumps + Dual WiFi Controller!

    More @ MACNA 2019: IceCap 2K & 4K Gyre Pumps + Dual WiFi Controller! More powerful IceCap Gyre Pumps are coming! #IceCap #Hydros
  20. Peace River

    FIRST LOOK VIDEO: Reef Octopus Blade MACNA. The flexibility and simplicity of the Reef Octopus Blade pump is really interesting to me and it seems that the sky's the limit. It will be fun to see all of the creative ways the Blade will be able to be used especially when paired with the Hydros Wave Engine! #reefoctopus #Hydros
  21. Daniel@R2R

    SUBSCRIBE to a hashtag for your controller! this hashtag: #ghlusers DIGITAL AQUATICS REEF KEEPER & ARCHON USERS, subscribe to this hashtag: #dausers REEF ANGEL USERS, subscribe to this hashtag: #reefangelusers REEF-PI USERS, subscribe to #reefpi AQUATRONICA USERS, subscribe to #aquatronica CORALVUE HYDROS USERS, subscribe to...
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