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  1. Sebastiancrab

    Uronema in Hospital Tank

    ...I am going to euthanize him. How do I deal with the Gramma now being exposed to uronema? I have two Blue Green chromis in my DT. The Royal Gramma will still need to have the full QT treatment. They had only been in full copper for one day before I had to switch to Rally Pro. #jayhemdal
  2. Sebastiancrab

    Clownfish Infection?

    #jayhemdal I have just finished 15 days of Flux RX for GHA and my clown has this white speckled area on the top - one side only - of his body. My guess is a bacterial or fungus infection. I haven't added anything to my tank since April and those were frags. I have Kanaplex and Melafix. What...
  3. Sebastiancrab

    EMERGENCY clownfish laying on bottom

    #jayhemdal Need all your water parameters and preferably a video taken in white light.
  4. Sebastiancrab

    EMERGENCY Clown fish white spots on blue light?

    Well, hopefully, #jayhemdal will be on soon, probably tomorrow morning to give his expert opinion. Rally Pro is a broad spectrum treatment. Good luck!
  5. Idech

    EMERGENCY Clownfish sick? Rapid breathing

    #fishmedic #jayhemdal I am no expert but this fish is definitely in distress and not doing well. Someone should come by soon. In the meantime you can make sure ammonia levels are in check and aim a powerhead at the surface to increase water oxygenation.
  6. Sebastiancrab

    Ich discussion

    I will ping Jay Hemdal, the resident marine biologist, for you since this is really a fish disease forum question. #jayhemdal
  7. Sebastiancrab

    Clown fish with something

    Please post some new pictures in white light and your water parameters. Any new fish and were these quarantined? #jayhemdal
  8. Sebastiancrab

    Concerned aboit my Blotchy Anthias

    Please kindly post pictures in taken in white light and your water parameters. Was the fish treated in quarantine and how old is your tank? #jayhemdal
  9. Sebastiancrab

    EMERGENCY Clwnfish mouth growth help??

    You can do a 90 minute dip using Rally Pro in saltwater. Use 1 teaspoon to 1 gallon of water. It does not look like brooklynella normally does but the Rally will treat many things. Jay may have a better suggestion. #jayhemdal
  10. Uncle99

    First go at treating ich

    ...have had them for many months. If you suspect ick, you’ll need to fallow that DT anyways. But be ready to treat if those “spots” return, they stop eating, or behave differently than normal. In the end, maybe #jayhemdal will chime in, if so, follow any recommendations he might give. Good luck.
  11. Tradevg

    Clownfish left gill flap torn or “flopping”

    ...all the other fish go nuts for except this one. It mostly ignores it. It does seem to like the pellets and will go after them a bit more but doesn’t keep up with other fish. Should I consider putting it in quarantine for a while? Could it be something else? Any thoughts #jayhemdal? Thanks!
  12. jmichaelh7

    Ick or velvet help!

    #jayhemdal , @jayhemdal expert would probably have a answer for you They look covered in dust ?
  13. jmichaelh7

    EMERGENCY Help with sick Vlaminji

    I’m curious to know what this is. Poor guy let me know how he does in copper power? Is that what your using chelated copper? Let’s get some professional advice #jayhemdal
  14. jmichaelh7

    So i'm Coming up on 30 day copper quarantine mark....

    ...treatment now? I would prefer not to purchase new sponge filters just for 2 week observation period while treating with General cure. Of course i'm already invested in the QT process so i will do what i need to do. Let me know what ya'll know. I appreciate it in advance reefers #jayhemdal
  15. Sebastiancrab

    EMERGENCY Bloated clownfish

    Let's get the doctor in - #jayhemdal Can you post a short video?
  16. hqn77

    Ich Dilemma

    Thanks for such quick call to service #jayhemdal!! Everything you've said was on the back of my mind, I was just not wanting to accept the reality of the situation. ;Dead;Dead At the moment I only have a 20 gallon QT tank, there's no way I can fit a dozen fishes in there, especially a 4 inch...
  17. hqn77

    Ich Dilemma

    ...I have before it drops off the fish and starts multiplying in the sandbed waiting to pounce of the rest of my DT if it hasn't already happened? I love this fish and it would be absolutely devastating if I lose it due to me making a rash decision. Help? Anyone? #jayhemdal ??? Thank you in...
  18. Fish man

    Cardinal gill problem. need help

    Noticed this on my cardinals gills this morning. Both sides. Any help with diagnosis and treatment would help. Water parameters are good. #jayhemdal
  19. Sebastiancrab

    Royal Gramma eating very little if at all

    ...clown eats like a pig and is in the DT but I think he has just a bit of the buoyancy still. I have gotten rid of the Prazipro. At some point, I think it would be best to move him to the hospital tank and have another dose of Kanaplex. Kindly let me know your thoughts. Thank you! #jayhemdal
  20. Sebastiancrab

    Royal Gramma eating very little if at all

    ...of Kanaplex in the hospital tank. He is still not eating much if at all. I put some garlic soaked Massstick in front of the PVC pipe. I am thinking of treating him with Prazipro again or perhaps switch to API Cure All? Or something else? He acts and looks fine other than hiding a lot...
  21. Sebastiancrab

    Clownfish mouth stuck open