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Usage for hash tag: MODS

  1. Mastiffsrule

    Build Thread My Story: The Petsmart 125 Special

    Hi, Great looking build. Maybe we can get a #MODS to move the thread to members tank forum section. Then just put a link to your build into your signature section of your profile and you will get a sweet build badge so everyone can check out your build. From your other thread, your cheato...
  2. BighohoReef

    Dummy Corals

    Hi Lou, Asked the mods to move this over to the marketplace. Might see more visibility there. Giving your post a little bump! Couple questions about the frags you’re looking for: Are you looking for LPS, Softies or SPS? What type of parameters are you looking at right now? How long has the...
  3. Arcticwolf

    Florida Dosing SOLD GHL Doser 2, SA 2 heads

    Sold! Thanks, #MODS please close
  4. jamesdomini4

    Red head solon fairy wrasse stressed?

    I will create a new post with better pictures and use the emergency tag. #MODS please close this.
  5. GoVols

    PM responses not hitting Email

    #MODS @revhtree I use Yahoo for email. I'm getting other Reef 2 Reef emails, but think those come from a different server. Since about Saturday PMs are not hitting my email and have the setting clicked. Thanks for looking into the issue.
  6. Arcticwolf

    Florida LED SOLD SOLD

    Sold, thanks! #MODS please close
  7. sfin52

    anybody else having keyboard issues

    loosing ability to see words in txt box The ability to delete more than once with out having keyboard disappear and have to hit the txt box to bring up the key board again. The return button does the same thing hit it once and the keyboard disappears. This only happens on r2r #MODS
  8. G

    California Aquariums Aquarium Controller Lighting Powerheads Nuvo 10 Tank Teardown!! My stuff has got to go! (Bay Area) Trident, Apex, MP10, Prime 16HD

    Hey Nick, how about some answers here? You continue to log on and ignore both the PMs and this thread. #MODS
  9. Fakegolfnews

    Is it possible to raise PH too fast?

    ...they had nothing to do qith my question and were based on assumptions. You say i lashed out, so you come in here and lash out as me? Nice. #MODS please close. This is turning into nothing more than personal attacks against me for trying to keep this thread on topic of an air stone, i never...
  10. Kris 2020

    Is it possible to raise PH too fast?

    ...answer appropriately. You did not like the answers you got and lashed out at the people who were trying to help you. But its R2R that has the problem, turning people away from the hobby? #MODS, can this thread be closed? Its not about information or answers anymore and may be violating TOS.
  11. G

    California Aquariums Aquarium Controller Lighting Powerheads Nuvo 10 Tank Teardown!! My stuff has got to go! (Bay Area) Trident, Apex, MP10, Prime 16HD

    ...any items or any response from you. I've sent two more PMs. Meanwhile, you've clearly been on the site but not getting back to me. Your communication has been virtually non-existent since I've paid, and I've been beyond patient and understanding. This needs to be elevated at this point. #MODS
  12. maroun.c

    CONTEST Aug 2020 POTM, Voting Poll

    ...IT'S GREAT TO COMMENT, BUT PLEASE USE THE POLL TO VOTE. YOU'LL NEED TO BE ON THE WEB VERSION OF THE SITE IN ORDER TO SEE THE POLL. So let's vote for the winner of AUG 2020 POTM 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. #POTM #POTMvotingpoll #MODS #RS
  13. homer1475

    Battlecorals Acro ID

    If this thread was in @Battlecorals sponsor forums, Adam would have surly responded by now, and with a correct ID. Wonder if the #MODS could move it?
  14. Mastiffsrule

    I really wish....

    Hate to be a pot stirrer , but seeing the paper towel one for the first time and gotta agree. Great movie, but just an editing error that needed to be brought to attention I think. #MODS
  15. NeonRabbit221B

    Virginia AquaticLife Reef Edge LED Aquarium Light Fixture, 36"

    #MODS can you move to the right forum. Must have blanked on this....
  16. WV Reefer

    CONTEST Jul 2020 POTM Voting Poll,

    @maroun.c #POTMvotingpoll #MODS #reefsquad
  17. cjgibson

    Indiana Powerheads SOLD MP10Wd for parts

    Thanks @piranhaman00 Its sold. #MODS please close.
  18. JCOLE

    I really wish....

    #MODS Why did one of my post get deleted because it was deemed "unnecessary"? Everything I suggested was meant to be helpful. Could someone please explain this to me?