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  1. maroun.c

    Aug 2020 POTM- Favia posted and tagged in the voting poll and will have 48 hours to claim the prize. As this is a photography competition, and the goal is to recognize the highest quality picture. So take your time, do your post shot editing, and submit your best image. The Prize: #POTM ; #reedsquad ; #MODS
  2. sfin52

    Zoanthid ID'ing - R2R Database

    Is it being kept up to date. I don't see anything added since 2015. It is a helpful resource. #MODS can this be made a sticky
  3. bsr2430

    New York Package Deal 24gallon all in one!

    Looks like this is in the wrong thread #MODS can we move this:):) You’re GSP looks great! GLWS!
  4. Flippers4pups

    Euroquatics E5 LED T5 bulbs Started my light fixture on FIRE!!!

    ...Wow! So glad you guys caught it in time! Big hugs from Reef2reef! That had to be scary! Water changes, GAC and like you said possible Polyfilter ASAP! Do you have a backup for a light or will the ATI fixture still work? Edit: probably not a good idea to use the light. #reefsquad #MODS
  5. bsr2430

    New York Aquarium Controller Apex controller system $675

    Very very good point, let’s have the #MODS involved before someone happens. Step in before anything goes south while we had the chance.
  6. sfin52

    I am about to quit

    #MODS thank you
  7. fishguy242

    I am about to quit

    thank you #MODS
  8. sfin52

    I am about to quit

    #MODS can you combine threads
  9. fishguy242

    Hello New NC Reefer

    hi i will ask #MODS for assistance ;) :)be sure to get your badge:)
  10. AZMSGT

    Neptune Sys EB832 Power Supply Replacement.

    Nicely done. I’m sure others can use this. #MODS this would be a great article.
  11. Dragon52

    Torch overnight has problems

    #MODS Can this be moved to the Zoa Discussion forum so The OP can get some help.
  12. Vette67

    Bubble on my plate coral

    This "bubble" started growing on my fungia a couple weeks ago. Coral seems otherwise healthy, and isn't showing any signs of stress. But I have had this fungia longer than I can remember, probably 15 years or more. This "bubble" is maybe slightly smaller than a golf ball. It's pretty big...
  13. AZMSGT

    EMERGENCY Spots on hippo tang after 4 weeks of treatment

    I hope you can save your baby.. My best guess, it’s ICH. Start treating accordingly With Copper power rather than Cupramine. But you gotta get it up to a therapeutic level which is tough to do with those tangs.... I’m no expert so take my advise with a grain of salt.
  14. Taby

    California SOLD Small OG Bounce

    #MODS please close
  15. esther

    California Livestock Trade 1.5" Forest Fire Digitata for Trade

    This is the 2nd time this has happened to me on this forum. Doesn’t happen on any other forums. These aren’t even my pics. #MODS can you help?
  16. fishguy242

    EMERGENCY Electric Shock

    one of our #MODS is an electrical guru..sorry i do not know who,thanks all
  17. fishguy242

    Hello New...sort of

    think copy and paste in account?? some can post a link,or #MODS will help,sea ya there :)
  18. JoshH

    What’s the wavemakers for peninsula tank?

    #MODS could you drop the emergency tag for him? As to the question, I would say an internal (No holes in the tank) closed loop and a closed loop over the top if you are planning a canopy with WaveMakers on the overflow side...
  19. maroun.c

    Jul 2020 POTM- Blue coral

    #POTM #Photographers #reefsquad #MODS Jul 2020 POTM is up and running. Good luck all and let's see some great shots. Please do share the following info about your submissions to make POTM a learning experience: Tehnical info - Camera/mobile phone used for the shot - Lense -parameters...
  20. sfin52

    Difficult and Special Care Species List

    #MODS @Ike Read the sticky new information is out and something's have changed anyway to update this sticky.
  21. JustAnotherReefer

    Arizona Powerheads SOLD Ecotech MP10 WQD

    sold #MODS please close. thank you
  22. Shep

    CONTEST June 2020 POTM voting poll

    #POTM #Photographers #reefsquad #MODS Let's get some more votes!
  23. gabrieltackitt

    Possibility of a mobile app?

    I believe I read somewhere semi recently that there is development on one already, not sure if that is accurate or not so maybe #MODS can shed some light on it.