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  1. Njordr'sSecretReef

    Build Thread Njordr'sSecretReef- Our First Builds and The Journey's We will All Take!

    ...and video and document for everyone to follow. Side note here we will be getting our Twitter, Youtube and Facebook accounts set up just for Njordr'sSecretReef for easy following and more lines to communicate with us as we go! Until next time! May Njordr bless all your tanks! -Isaac...
  2. N

    New to Coral Farming and Salt Water Aquarium

    ...Water Aquariums. We are trying to figure out what type of fish/aquatic creatures do you recommend for us to start Coral Farming and for us to start breeding? We also would love to hear of your biggest set backs. Thank you all and may Njordr bless all your tanks. #Njordr'sSecretReef Joseph
  3. Njordr'sSecretReef

    Hello Greetings From Njordr'sSecretReef this point I appreciate your already apparent curiosity in us and I would love to hear from you guys here about your current tanks and any pearls of Tank Wisdom that your willing to throw my way! Thanks All! May Njordr bless all of your tanks! Until next time! -Isaac #Njordr'sSecretReef
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