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  1. GThompson

    PARTNER DRIVE EARLY BIRD PARTNER DRAWING! Win a $1150 GHL Profilux 4 Ultimate Controller Set!

    Thanks to GHL and #[email protected]. By far my favorite prize in the prize vault. Woo-hoo
  2. GThompson

    Need help setting up your ProfiLux 4?

    I was having problems adding my P4 to myghl. Vinny got it taken care of. It wouldn’t accept my ID # that the server sent me. That’s why I consider #[email protected] a genius. He did say you were their R2R guru though. Must be nice to be well known and famous ;)
  3. GThompson

    Best customer service

    Really big shoutout to #[email protected] , he went above and beyond to get my connection problem squared away. In my eyes he’s a GHL genius. #[email protected] when I get to Wilmington I’m buying you lunch. Thanks again
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