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  1. Mastiffsrule

    First reef tank almost 6 months since crash and holding parameters!

    Well, #WelcometoR2R and back from the crash. Sounds like it’s going good. Feel free to give us some more info about the tank, set up and pics so we can all check it out. We love pics.
  2. Mastiffsrule

    Sanity check for new build

    Hi and #WelcometoR2R Sounds like a solid plan so far. A few things to adjust. the pump will need to be beefed up. After plumbing and head pressure the 2.0 will not have enough flow. I have been running a Maxspect jump dc 8 for a while now. I can recommend it. Price is great, powerful and...
  3. Mastiffsrule

    Bio pellet reactor or GFO/carbon?

    Just stopped in to say #WelcometoR2R and congrats on grad. I think I had tanks since around graduation and still today. Back then we had to make them from stone o_O . Not sure if this is your 1st, so I attached one of the more popular of our articles for reference...
  4. Jason mack

    New Member intro

    #WelcometoR2R, happy reefing ..!!!
  5. Mastiffsrule

    New tank cycle questions

    Just saying hi, and #WelcometoR2R Got great advice all around. As @andrewey mentioned I don’t think you need more ammonia, and as mentioned I think your cycled. Also mentioned would be to hold off on coral. My 2 suggestions. Research and put in a fish appropriate for you tank size and a...
  6. Peace River

    I have a Juwel Rio 125

    #WelcometoR2R!!! We're glad your here! Tell us more about your tank and your plans for your system. :)
  7. Peace River

    Reefsys 326

    #WelcometoR2R!!! Congratulations on the new tank and great start to your build thread!
  8. Peace River

    First Home First Saltwater Experience

    #WelcometoR2R and congratulations on your new home!!! It looks like you have an in-wall display tank (DT) and a sump. Here are a few resources that you might find helpful:
  9. Peace River

    Clownfish FRY help

    #WelcometoR2R! You may find this resource helpful:’s-guide-to-breeding-clowns/
  10. Bryn

    new tank

    Looks like a little 32G cube, love them. One suggestion, put an ATO (Auto Top Off) on the system, best thing I ever did. It surprises me how often if you do not have a lid, it tops off the water. #WelcometoR2R
  11. Peace River

    new tank

    #WelcometoR2R! We're glad you're here!
  12. Jason mack


    #WelcometoR2R ...and happy reefing
  13. Mastiffsrule

    Foam build up above filter socks...

    Hi, and #WelcometoR2R I cannot tell, do you have the drain pipe about 1 inch below the water line?
  14. Mastiffsrule

    20 gallon waterbox cube

    Evening First #WelcometoR2R Tank looks great, coral looks healthy. You didn’t mention which light, it looks like you have it dialed in. You can paste a link to you build into your profile signature to get your build badge so everyone can follow along.
  15. Peace River

    55 gallon for 75 gallon tank

    #WelcometoR2R!!! I hope that you are able to find a tank locally soon. Although it can be done, just a quick tip that many reefers tend to avoid 55g tanks because of how thin they are so by the time you add live rock there is very little room for fish to swim or open space for flow. Good luck...
  16. Crabs McJones

    Deltec USA is now on R2R!

    Welcome to R2R! And thank you for sponsoring the forum! #WelcometoR2R #newR2Rsponsor
  17. Peace River

    Starting a new tank

    #WelcometoR2R!!! It sounds like you have a good plan that you can perfect over the next few months!
  18. Peace River

    7 gallon tank fish ideas

    #WelcometoR2R!!! I'm sure others will jump in soon with nano stocking advice - we're glad you're here!
  19. Peace River

    8g ULM Nano!

    #WelcometoR2R!!! It looks like you are off to a good start!
  20. Peace River

    Return pump connection

    First, #WelcometoR2R! I'm sure that some #Redsea tank owners will jump in soon!
  21. Ron Reefman

    Need help cycling a tank

    First, welcome to Reef2Reef! #WelcometoR2R To cycle your tank you do NOT need copepods, macro algae or bacteria (from a bottle). Adding bacteria will speed up the development and shorten the cycle. So it's perfectly OK to do, just not absolutely necessary! You can have algae in the...
  22. Ron Reefman

    Inside the glass box...

    Welcome to Reef2Reef Isaiah. #WelcometoR2R The common philosophy is that bigger is better. But like you, I decided to go smaller. I went from a 180g to a 120g to a 90g. I like the smaller tank MUCH better. But then it's way easier to maintain and also less expensive to fill with coral...
  23. Mastiffsrule

    Can you keep porcelain crabs with emerald crabs?

    Hello @AndrewG99 Sorry for the delay. Not sure if you are still having issues. I know a lot of people use Vibrant to rid the tanks of algae. I am not sure about compatibility of the 2 crabs. I am not a big fan of the chemicals so maybe someone tonight will know about the crabs. And #WelcometoR2R
  24. Mastiffsrule

    You Tube Reefer

    Welcome. Don’t know much about YouTube but R2R will steer you right and lived in Ft Lauderdale forever before moving to N.C. Still have fam and friends all over. We have members down there as well. And we don’t judge, Rock looks good from what I see. Keep updating the build #WelcometoR2R
  25. Jason mack

    Brand new reefer!

    #WelcometoR2R ...and happy reefing .!
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