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  1. Peace River

    Build Thread Hi reefers, say hello from Indonesia

    #WelcometoR2R! I don't see a picture, but we're glad you're here!
  2. Peace River

    New to forum

    #WelcometoR2R! At first glance it looks like a bleached Aiptasia. I'm sure that others will chime in soon with their thoughts.
  3. Peace River

    Lighting for 48"x24"x10" frag tank commercial grow

    #WelcometoR2R! There are a lot of different ways to go, but you may want to take a look at the BRS YT video on best lighting value. The ReefBreeders took the top spot and that is what is used by many garage-based coral farmers that I am familiar with. Good luck with whatever you choose!
  4. Peace River

    Hi! New to... well all of this. Salt Water, forum, all of it.

    #WelcometoR2R!!! Good luck with your new reefing adventure!
  5. redfishbluefish

    Eheim heaters "min waterlevel" line?

    First, welcome to are going to like it here. Just submerge the whole worries! Mine are horizontal at the bottom of my sump. #WelcometoR2R
  6. Peace River

    Juvenile clownfish

    #WelcometoR2R!!! Unfortunately the image is not showing and there is an error about needed access.
  7. Peace River

    new 90g reef stewardship, ideas?

    #WelcometoR2R and thank you for taking on this stewardship project! Does the system current has lights or a powerhead? I so, can you find a brand and a model number? Also, what can you tell us about the return pump (brand and model number) that pushes the water from the sump back up to the...
  8. Peace River

    Lemonpeel angel

    #WelcometoR2R!!! I’m sorry to hear about this disappearance. Did you check your overflow and sump?
  9. Peace River

    AIO Build Innovative Marine NUVO Fusion 30 Pro Build

    #WelcometoR2R!!! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the adventure!
  10. Peace River

    Build Thread Introduction

    #WelcometoR2R!!! It looks like you are off to a good start!
  11. Peace River

    Brand New

    #WelcometoR2R!!! We're glad you're here!
  12. Peace River

    Reefing like a Goddess goals...

    #WelcometoR2R!!! We take the "be nice" idea very seriously here so I think you'll fit right in! I definitely understand wanting a piece of the ocean!
  13. Peace River

    AIO Build Nano Tank

    #WelcometoR2R!!! Welcome to the adventure and good luck with the tank!
  14. Peace River

    Hello One piece rim replaced by two piece

    #WelcometoR2R!!! I have replaced the top rim (sometimes called frames) on a few tanks over the years. While I have done it successfully, I'm not sure that I would recommend it to others from a risk management perspective. Do you have a picture or some info on the two-part replacement piece...
  15. Peace River

    White fluffy things in overflow

    #WelcometoR2R!!! As others have mentioned, they are pineapple sponges.
  16. Peace River

    Fluval evo 13.5 micro bubbles issue

    #WelcometoR2R!!! Air appears to be getting in the line at some point. You may want to try disassembling and reassembling the piping from the return pump to the discharge and make sure that all connections are made well. Good luck!
  17. Peace River

    Red Sea or Waterbox

    #WelcometoR2R! The lidless tank may result in jumping fish, but the smell would likely come from the sump (especially the skimmer) rather than the tank itself. IMO both the waterbox and the red sea tanks would be solid choices. Good luck with whatever you choose!
  18. Peace River

    75 Aqueon Drill or not to drill

    #WelcometoR2R!!! Usually the Aqueon tanks are not tempered on the back, but I would still use the polarized sunglasses test before drilling to make sure. Commodity tanks have been known to use whatever glass is available in a pinch and you don't want to be surprised. Good luck!
  19. Peace River

    why is my pump running, but not pushing water out or in by itself?

    #WelcometoR2R!!! I'm assuming that you have checked for obstructions and the pump is fully functional. Are you able to prime the pump? One thing that I have tried in the past is to connect another pump temporarily to the end of the in-flow hose (even holding it in place) and see if that will...
  20. Peace River


    #WelcometoR2R!!! There seems to be some information missing, - was there more to this post?
  21. Peace River

    HOW do I setup my RODI?

    #WelcometoR2R!!! Many faucets will have an aerator that unscrews and can be temporarily replaced with an adapter like this one from an online retailer: This will adapt the faucet to a garden hose style thread (there are different threads and styles that connect to your faucet so pick...
  22. Peace River

    First Post!

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