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  1. redfishbluefish

    Hello Texas

    Welcome @ReapersReef to R2R. How about starting a Member's Tank thread to show us the progress of your build. #WelcometoR2R
  2. redfishbluefish

    Hello New to the Aquariums/Reefing world

    Welcome Pierre to R2R. I'd suggest starting a Member's Tank thread so that we can see your progress and you can chronicle your build. #WelcometoR2R
  3. Peace River

    Build Thread New Reefer to the game .......

    #WelcometoR2R!!! It looks like you are off to a good start - feel free to ask questions and also check out the articles section and pinned posts in each of the subsection of this forum for great tips!
  4. Peace River

    Any good auto top off system for nano reef?

    #WelcometoR2R!!! I use the IceCap ATO on my 10g nano.
  5. Peace River

    Brand new here....UK wannabe Reefer

    #WelcometoR2R!!! This is a great place to learn as you prep for a future tank. In the mean time, welcome to the community!
  6. redfishbluefish

    pH question

    Is this with saltwater? pH is determined by alkalinity and carbon dioxide. If that pH is correct, you have a very large carbon dioxide problem in your house. How are you measuring pH? Oh, and I see you're new, so WELCOME to R2R! #WelcometoR2R
  7. redfishbluefish

    New to this

    Tim, first off, welcome to R2R! #WelcometoR2R Fully agree with refractometer over hydrometer. The one other thing about equipment is that I prefer two heaters (in you case, 2 75W heaters) to having just one big one. The reason is that when one craps out....and it'll at...
  8. Peace River

    Brand New to Saltwater with a 10 gallon tank. Please be NICE! lol

    #WelcometoR2R!!! IMO you are better off waiting on the anemone for six months to a year to let the tank mature and the parameters fully stabilize. You may want to check out this YouTube series about how to set up a budget reef in a 10g tank:
  9. Mastiffsrule

    Feeding Jellies with the PJ Reefs Magnetic Feeder?

    Hi and #WelcometoR2R I have never kept jellies so I cannot really speak to the nutrition and I have not use the PJ method. I would want to check out if it would be a sufficient food source first. Also will it produce enough to support you livestock. Also check out the thread from the maker...
  10. Mastiffsrule

    Question for people that use a Coral Box WiFi Dosing Pump

    Hi, Doesn’t look like you got an answer yet. Not sure if you figured it out. Looks like a nice doser, never seen it before. Maybe someone tonight has one. And #WelcometoR2R
  11. Mastiffsrule

    Kamoer x1

    Evening and #WelcometoR2R I do not think they make any for the doser specifically that I have seen. There are a few people that 3d print on the sight. I have used plain plastic stapping to mount mine in the past inside a wood cabinet.
  12. redfishbluefish

    Hello New to REEF2REEF from Ohio

    Welcome @SaltyCrabs to R2R. #WelcometoR2R
  13. Peace River

    Skimming with canister filter?

    #WelcometoR2R! Connecting the surface skimmer adapter to your skimmer will work to remove the film, but IME not particularly well. I used one for about two months before I gave up and went back to more agitation on the surface. One other items to consider is the Tunze Comline filters. Good...
  14. Mastiffsrule

    Build Thread RyanRick's 65g AGA Planet Aquarium Build

    #WelcometoR2R Looks like a fun build. Never bad to overbuild a stand. Yours came out great. Keep an eye on that chip, but should be ok if lasted a month leak test Keep pics coming.
  15. Peace River

    Can I add both corals and plants in a reef tank?

    #WelcometoR2R!!! Check out this build thread for a macroalgae tank:
  16. Peace River

    Need guidence on a new/established system given to me

    #WelcometoR2R! If you don't have one, you will likely find an ATO to be very helpful.
  17. Mastiffsrule

    Im having trouble setting up with my Neptune DOS AWC pump. I follow the set-up intruction on APEX-FUSION Task of "DOS automatic water change"

    Hi and #WelcometoR2R We have a few knowledge people that can help. @SuncrestReef is very knowledgeable if around. I don’t own one or I would try
  18. Mastiffsrule

    Bacteria bloom iv never seen

    Hi and #WelcometoR2R Are you continuing to ghost feed daily, and have you seen an ammonia spike yet?
  19. Peace River

    Do you ever get jealous of Freshwater Aquascaping?

    #WelcometoR2R!!! If you like the freshwater aquascaping aesthetic then you may want to look at macroalgae tanks or even a saltwater biotope tank.
  20. Mastiffsrule

    Stressed Firefish: Dying? Or a drama queen?

    ...with no visible signs of illness or injury. Am I correct you recently added both to this tank with the clowns? How long were they in there, and were they able to settle in at all? Just wondering if you saw them eat a lot prior to this. And, #WelcometoR2R . Hopefully we can figure this out.
  21. Mastiffsrule

    Aquaticlife t5 fixture

    Hi and #WelcometoR2R I have the hybrid which does not have a timer so cannot help there. I will say I had to get support from them before and their help was great, so I would trust it. Nice to meet you, :)
  22. Peace River

    Build Thread 10 gallon nano aquarium

    #WelcometoR2R!!! Thanks for sharing!
  23. redfishbluefish

    Hello New Here!

    Welcome @redlinda1 to R2R #WelcometoR2R
  24. Peace River

    Best powerhead for 55 gallon mixed reef tank?

    #WelcometoR2R! Either a gyre or a powerhead could be a reasonable solution depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Do you need general flow, do you need to stir up detritus from collecting behind the rockscape, or is there another purpose? Additionally, what type of coral(s) do you...
  25. Peace River

    Leak in PVC plumbing

    #WelcometoR2R!!! I understand your dilemma - I've been there. If you have the ability to cut out a section and reinstall with PVC union fittings then that is what I recommend.
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